Free Chapter: Scavenger

Dark Day Isle, The Ultimate Kink Resort (Day 2)

Chapter One
Receipt of Purchase


Tessa’s mind began to surface, followed by her groggy body. It felt like she’d just fallen asleep and now someone wanted her to be conscious and coherent?

“Come now, my pet, I’ve let you sleep in,” a familiar and sexy Frenchman’s voice penetrated the fog trying to hold her under. It stirred her senses, liquid warmth slowly spreading through her entire body. Lust, yearning, security, all of these emotions filtered through. “We need to start the day, my little fox and it’s already past nine.”

Little fox.

Tessa’s eyes popped open, and everything from the night before instantly raced through her mind. Only in the warm light of day, it felt oddly disjointed. She knew there were things she’d overheard between her Master and Louis that had piqued her curiosity, hurt her heart with empathetic sorrow – but there had also been things that completely unnerved her. Those words he’d spoken after Louis had left.

“Mine… my little fox… but to be mine forever.”

Holy hell.

“There you are now,” Master Felix was crouched in the open door of her cage, his blue eyes smoldering with a smug kind of contentedness edged with increasing lust. “Good morning, my sweet vixen, how was your first night being caged?”

If he only knew. Unfortunately, every ounce of steely fortitude she’d felt in the wee hours of the night, now felt weak and despairing. How could she possibly tell him that she didn’t want to be his sub anymore without revealing why? She might not know her Master well, but she knew instinctively that he would demand an explanation and Tessa was too horrible a liar to try to convince him of some frivolous excuse. Not to mention, she was a natural coward when it came to initiating confrontation, despite all of the confidence she’d gained over the years. Then, there was the fact that she was already bought and paid for until that evening. She had no choice but to remain his sub until the end of the day, which was time she would need to build up her courage, at any rate.

“It was different, Master,” she finally answered.

“Different in a bad way?” he inquired, picking up on the undertones of uncertainty she couldn’t hide.

She shook her head. “It’s just my legs, Master. I don’t know if I can get used to not being able to stretch them out while sleeping.”

After studying her for a moment, he finally moved out of her way without standing. He snapped his fingers and pointed at the huge area rug her cage was sitting right in the middle of. “Come, stretch your body.”

Crawling out of the cage, Tessa happily complied, all of her muscles stretching automatically once she was free of the confined space. The relief drug a moan of appreciation from her mouth, and her eyes closed as she reveled in the softness of the rug. Really, it was nearly as comfortable as the bedding in her cage. Master Felix chuckled, drawing her attention and she watched him settle down beside her. She was helpless against her body’s response to him when he started massaging her legs with warm, confident hands.

“So much for your masochistic proclivities, little fox,” he teased.

“Apparently that switch is turned off while sleeping, Master,” she replied quietly, trying not to tense at the pet name that no longer felt so personal. So individually and uniquely hers.

He was watching his own hands, so Tessa studied him. He was dressed casually in a pair of khaki beach shorts and a very stylish adventure shirt of white. The tabs holding the rolled sleeves in place around his mouthwatering biceps were mimicked in the pockets, with sand and sea swirled buttons. It definitely showed off his broad muscular build more than the tuxedo, causing the heat of her lust to crank up another notch. God, but he was sexy. Everything about him appealed to her, tempted all of her longings and hidden cravings. Knowing that she wasn’t anything special to him had an odd effect on her, almost like a pressure in her chest. She wondered if he even saw her when he looked her way, or merely the ghost of the one he truly desired.

“I need to use the restroom, Master,” she whispered, her voice cracking with the unwanted emotions her inquisitive mind stirred up.

“Good, you can get ready for the day while you’re in there,” he suggested. “Then join me on the balcony for breakfast.”

He stayed right behind her, once they were both on their feet. He sifted hair over her shoulder, and took his time unlocking and removing the collar from her neck. Tessa hadn’t expected the air to charge all around them, or to feel the loss of silk lined leather, as if it mattered. Shouldn’t she be glad to be rid of it, knowing it had been worn by so many others?  Yes, the relief was there, but it wasn’t alone and that just confused her.  All of her feelings were confusing her, so she was anxious to get time alone to help refortify her resolve.  Only, the moment she took her first step toward the en-suite bath, a slight soreness spread from deep within her pussy to the rest of her sex.  It instantly reminded her of the thorough fucking she’d received the night before, complete with sinfully hot imagery.  Dammit, how was she supposed to keep that off her mind now when every movement ached just enough to keep her aware?

Forcing her feet across the room, she closed herself up in the bathroom to get ready.  She wished she could lock the door, but knew better.  Crossing to the length of granite done in sand and shell pink, Tessa eyed Master Felix’s belongings set neatly around the sink to the right.  Unlike all of the small packaged items around her sink, he had two leather travel cases and an expensive electric toothbrush that might actually double as a waterpik.  She grabbed a band and tied her hair up, since it didn’t need another washing.  After brushing her teeth, she took a quick shower, because no matter how much she wanted to, she couldn’t just hide in the bathroom all day.

With a towel wrapped around her, she brushed her hair out and studied her face in the mirror.  She was still the same, average Tessa she’d always been.  When her gaze dropped to the empty column of her throat, she swallowed through the cluster of emotions trying to forge there.  Glancing at Master Felix’s belongings again, she had a realization she wasn’t altogether comfortable with.  The answer to why she really felt so conflicted over the idea of ending their temporary dynamic.  Because, she knew all too well that on an ordinary day out there in the ordinary world beyond the shores of Dark Day Isle, a man like Felix would never give a girl like her a second glance.  She never would’ve known the kind of pleasure he’d been dishing out since the moment he’d brought her into his suite, and didn’t that make her all kinds of pathetic?  That she’d be willing to ignore obvious truths just to spend a few days inside of a fantasy?  Yeah, it really did.

Pushing the sinking feelings away, she squared her shoulders and resolved to get through the next eight hours or so to the best of her ability.  In the meantime, she’d just have to find a way to get out from under Felix’s desire to keep her.  Maybe if she misbehaved enough, he wouldn’t want her anymore?  Tessa wasn’t comfortable with that plan, either, because disobedience didn’t come naturally to her.  Still, it might prove the only way.

The doors to the balcony stood open, allowing the warm tropical breeze to flow into the air conditioned suite.  It held the promise of higher temperatures later in the day, lessening the awkwardness of stepping outside in the buff.  Master Felix sat on the other side of the table, facing the view and doors simultaneously.  His eyes echoed the smile that spread his seductive mouth upon seeing her.  Again, it was strange to note that one iris appeared to be a lighter blue.  Something that only seemed noticeable when the sunlight was hitting him just right.

“Little fox,” he exhaled quietly, much as he’d done in the parlor after the auction. His gaze drank her in slowly, canvasing every inch of her naked flesh with an air of confidence and authority.  Like a lord looking over his land, and there was unmistakable hunger darkening his eyes when they reached her face again. “Sit. Eat. We have a full day planned and I have a surprise for you.”

“Master?” she inquired with hidden nerves, as she obeyed and took the seat across from him.

He smirked and shook his head. “You’ll see.”

Lifting the dome from her plate, Tessa was stunned when she saw him do the same.  Her mouth parted on a silent emission of guilty confusion.

“What is it, Tessa?” he asked, while lightly peppering his omelet.

“It’s nothing, Master,” she shook her head slightly, laying the napkin over her lap. “I just thought you would’ve eaten by now. I’m sorry you had to wait on me.”

“It was no trouble,” he dismissed. “I wanted to eat with you and it was my choice to let you sleep in. Besides, it gave me the opportunity to take care of a few important matters this morning.”

“Oh,” she replied. “Okay.”

Important matters?  That sounded like it might be business related, so he must have taken advantage of the office setup.  Oh, no.  What if he’d been contacting his International Relations associates to get her that inside track he’d offered?  Shit, shit, shit!  She’d completely forgotten about that and after their little misunderstanding surrounding the entire conversation, how could she possibly refuse his offer now?  Yet, wouldn’t that be the right thing to do if she was planning on returning to the auction tonight?  Tessa felt her chest compressing, her anxiety threatening to get out of hand, if she didn’t put a kibosh on her thoughts quickly.

“Eyes up!”

Dammit!  Shoving everything down as fast as possible, she lifted her gaze.  Just as his tone would suggest, Master Felix was staring at her intensely, his expression darkening by the second.  Had he been talking to her, while she’d been lost in her own thoughts?

“What’s on your mind, pet? You are very withdrawn this morning,” he demanded, displeasure coating his words. “And don’t tell me nothing, when I’ve spoken your name twice to no avail.”

Dread filled her with that confirmation.  Now what was she supposed to do?  She couldn’t lie, but she couldn’t confess the truth, either.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t hear you, Master, I’m just processing all of my new experiences,” she replied steadily, because it wasn’t a lie as much as a deliberate evasion. Unfortunately, she had a habit of rambling when she wasn’t being straight with someone. “I like picking them apart in my mind and analyzing every detail, so I won’t forget them later on. I find it helps me decide if I’d want to try them again or not…”

His unflinching stare caused her words to taper off. Lifting his cup, he settled back in his chair and sipped at his coffee.  “It’s the cage, isn’t it?” he asked at length, his tone strangely deflated. “You don’t have to be afraid to tell me if you don’t like something, Tessa. I want this to be a good experience for you.”

More guilt rose up to kick her in the gut.  Just great!  Now, he felt bad for making her do something she didn’t like and that wasn’t even what was bothering her!  Why did she have to wake up and overhear those things in the middle of the night?  She’d been so much happier in her ignorance.  Opening her mouth to reply, she was startled when a knock sounded clearly across the suite from the main doors.  Rising from his chair, Master Felix set his cup back on its saucer while skirting the table.

He paused at her side, using his entire body to cage her in between him, the table, chair and a hundred foot drop over the jungle dotted landscape below. “Hold that thought and eat,” he ordered. “I don’t recall telling you to just push food around your plate.”

Blowing out a slow breath when he entered the suite, Tessa forced herself to take another bite of her omelet, even as reality tried to weigh down on her.  There was no way she was going to make it until sunset.  She was going to have to tell him everything and just deal with the consequences.  What was the worst that could happen, anyway?  He’d get angry, return her to Louis and never speak to her again?  Wasn’t that exactly what she was planning to do, herself?

Tessa was pulled from her thoughts by the sound of a cheerful, male voice entering the suite and speaking loud enough for her to hear every word.  Oh, goodie.  Another opportunity for unplanned eavesdropping.  Please, let it be something trivial.  She couldn’t handle anymore mixed emotions, or guilt for that matter.

“…everything you asked for, sir,” the male voice said, finally entering the room far enough for Tessa to see him through the wall of windows. He was dressed liked all of the other staff members and carrying clothes in one hand, a small shopping bag in the other.

“Excellent,” Master Felix clapped. “Tessa!”

Since there was a stranger in the room, she kept her eyes averted as she met up with the two men on the other side of her cage and near the end of the bed.

“Eyes up, look,” her Master ordered. Obeying, she watched him lay out three different bikini-cover combos on the comforter. “Do you like any of these?”

She liked them all, honestly.  Each one would compliment her complexion and the styles were alluring.  Even the sheer covers looked high-end.  She didn’t bother questioning if they were her size, since her Master had full access to all of her personal information.

“Perhaps, you should ask if there’s any she doesn’t like?” The stranger suggested humorously.

Tessa blushed slightly and made a snap decision, pointing to the white bikini with black cover. “That one, Master?”

Studying her for a moment, he glanced back at the choices and swept his hand through the air. “We’ll take them all.”

“Excellent,” the other man replied, pulling a pair of clear flip-flops from the bag. “These will go with anything. And, of course, we can’t forget her new accessory.”

After handing the shoes over to Master Felix, he pulled a clear case from the bag with a giant metal ring inside.  “I’d be more than happy to return the leather one for you, if you found it unsatisfactory.”

“No, we like the leather,” Master Felix replied absently, accepting the case from him so he could start opening it right away. “Prefer it, actually, I just wasn’t thinking about her spending time in the water when I picked it out last night.”

Um… what?

Tessa’s mind came to a screeching halt, backpedaling through all of her internal drama concerning the collar and right to the memory of Felix bringing her into the suite following the auction.  The auction she’d spent hours kneeling in the parlor for, even after being bid on.  Felix had taken a package from his jacket pocket prior to draping it over the chair and rummaging through his luggage.  All this time, she thought he’d been searching for the collar in his suitcase, but what if he’d only been looking for the chains?  Did that make her feel any better?  Maybe.  Okay, yes, it made her feel a lot better about the collar, but that didn’t change all of the things she’d overheard.

On top of still feeling conflicted, now Tessa was wondering where in the hell all of these new items were coming from.  Was there an actual retail store on the island that sold both kink gear and beach apparel?  One thing she was definitely more sure of now than ever before, was the fact that Dark Day Isle was not someone’s private beach house, but an actual kinkified resort.  Unfortunately, that only made her think about Felix’s obvious familiarity with the place.

“Very well, sir,” the man bowed slightly. “Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.”

“Just let me know when my special order arrives, Remy,” her Master replied.

Tessa frowned deeper at the rug.  He knew the man by name?

“Without hesitation, sir,” Remy said.

When he started toward the doors, Tessa slowly lifted her gaze to follow his departure and that’s when something in the sitting area caught her eye.  An orange something.  Curious, she stepped closer while Master Felix continued getting her new collar out of the package.  She wasn’t aware that her movement caught his attention.  That he paused to watch her, as she continued onward.  Her mouth slowly slacked open when she saw the fox face of orange and white wax molded to the shape of her breasts and torso.  There were small pieces of it missing now.  The snout was no longer complete, but most of it was there and propped up on some kind of easel.

Tessa raced back over the night’s hushed conversation between her Master and Louis, while her heart turned sharply in her chest.  He’d had Louis bring him all of the pieces of wax and then… super-glued them back together again?  That had to have taken all night!  Why would he do that?  She couldn’t be wrong.  There was still no way Felix’s feelings for her could be that deep after so little time.  Even more confused than before, she nearly jumped out of her skin when his hand settled on her shoulder from behind.

Whirling on him with a start, Tessa stared at him, completely dumbfounded.  His expression was masked, unreadable.  Shadows moving in his eyes like ominous storm clouds.  Finally remembering to close her gaping mouth, she swallowed hard and fought back the surprising urge to cry.

“Master, how… I mean… did you do that? For me?” She stammered.

“I saw how upset you were when I ruined it,” he answered. “I didn’t want that to taint your first experience with wax play.”

Her chest felt pressurized again, and she knew she couldn’t take it anymore.  She had to know, right now, what he’d meant by his words the night before.

“Master,” she hesitated, her pulse quickening though she kept her eyes locked on his, so she could see the truth of his response. “Why do you call me little fox?”

He looked completely blindsided by that question for a moment, then his expression melted into apprehensive concern. “Do you not like it?” He asked. “Is that what’s been bothering you?”

She shook her head, dropping her gaze. “I guess it’s just that I’m not sure what role I’m supposed to be providing for you.”

Her chest was tight and it hurt to think that the answer might be exactly what she feared.  That her role was nothing more than to fill the void left behind by someone else.  When he stepped closer, Tessa knew she would feel his fingers prodding under her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze.  She felt like she was teetering on a knife point, waiting for his response.

“Tessa, the only role I want you to provide is that of my sub,” he answered, a mixture of sincerity and confusion in his eyes. “I call you my little fox, because that’s what you are. The first thing that struck me the moment I saw you, and when Louis read off your attributes, I was intrigued to explore pet play with you.  Being a pet owner is a whole new experience for me, but that’s not the sum of all we’ll be exploring together or all that I expect from you. However, just as I reminded you on the balcony, I don’t want you to hesitate voicing your own desires or dislikes. The only thing I ask, is that you remain open to trying new things, understand?”

Tessa nodded, fighting back tears of confusing relief.  He’d never been a pet owner before?  She really was his only fox, and first to wear his collar?  She’d never been happier to be wrong, but it was clouded by the words he’d whispered through her cage the night before.  If she asked about it, though, it would most likely embarrass him and she simply couldn’t see a valid reason to put either of them in that position.

“Yes, Master,” she verbalized.

“Then be honest with me now, little fox,” he pressed. “Do you dislike the cage?”

“I don’t know yet, Master,” she answered on a shaky sigh. “I think I’d have to try it again to be sure.”

Softening, he cupped her face and caressed his thumb over her jaw. “See, my pet, that’s all I ask,” he praised. “You’re not going to disappoint me by being honest. I don’t like seeing you so withdrawn. I’d rather hear what’s bothering you, understand?”

Oh, she understood alright.  Understood that he would be severely disappointed if he knew she’d gotten herself worked up over an assumption that had turned out to be so very wrong.  She could hear her great aunt’s lecture from the grave: To assume makes an ass out of u and me! Spell it, girl. The answer is in the word.  Yeah, she was definitely feeling that at the moment and if she’d been so wrong about that part, perhaps she’d been wrong about everything else, too.  So, she needed to just stop over thinking everything and relax.  It was day two of a week-long getaway, she was supposed to be having kinky fun, not driving herself crazy.

“Yes, Master,” she said, then gestured to the wax fox behind her. “Thank you for my surprise.”

He gave her a devious smirk, wicked mischief flashing in his eyes. “You’re welcome, Tessa, but that’s not your surprise.”

See?  Point proven! She definitely needed to quit the assuming game while she was ahead… or rather, behind.

“Oh. I still have to wait, don’t I?”

Chuckling at her hopeful pout, he leaned down and kissed her.  It was a slow seduction that had all of her nerve endings waking up with a burst of energy.  “Not much longer,” he vowed. “We need to finish our breakfast, but first, turn around and lift your hair.”

Complying, Tessa waited for him to fit the new collar around her neck.  The metal was cold against her skin and didn’t embrace her the way the leather did.  A tremble traveled all of the way down the center of her body when he clicked the lock shut.  The air sparkled with lust and she was now convinced that it was her Master causing that effect, not the damn collar.

Moving around the side of her, he fingered the single, center ring while examining the total appearance of it.  He couldn’t hide that predatory edge even if he’d been trying to, yet she wasn’t surprised by his next remark. “It’s not quite the same, is it, little fox?”

“No, Master.”

“Still, it keeps you collard even in the water,” he stated. “And that’s all that matters.”

Master Felix slipped a thin, leather necklace out from under his shirt and added the small lock key to a larger one already there.  It belonged to her cage, she knew, but where was the key to her leather collar?  Unless… oh.  Of course, he would use the same lock for bother collars.  So, perhaps that electric charge wasn’t just from her Master, after all.

“I want you to know, at all times, that you belong to me and I am the only one holding the keys to your release,” he winked, giving her another devious smirk for his own clever play on words.

Tessa couldn’t stop herself from grinning at him, but he didn’t seem to mind.  Hooking his finger through the ring at last, he pulled her mouth to his.  Her eyes nearly closed, but she forced them open again, which had him smiling knowingly against her lips.  Though it was short lived, the kiss was a hot reminder of just how dangerously skilled his mouth was.

After they resettled on the balcony, Master Felix revealed their plans for the day, which had the remaining shadows of her previous mood completely evaporating.

“There’s a poolside luncheon this afternoon, which is why we needed to get you some swimwear,” he explained, before his expression turned stony. “That, and I’ve decided that everyone here gets to see you naked enough, as it is.”

Tessa knew it was one of those moments where it was best not to say anything.  Doms, for all their charm and composure, could be quite possessive sometimes.  Just another non-negotiable matter that came with the territory, she’d learned.  They liked to own things and what they owned, they tended to guard selfishly and shared on their terms alone.

“It’s to be a social for all of us,” he continued. “A way for the Masters and Mistresses to mingle, as well as the subs to visit with one another. So, you’ll be permitted to speak and look around freely, but I expect you to maintain your manners and respectful behavior at all times.”

“Yes, Master,” she said, already getting excited over the prospect of catching up with Kip and Gema.

“The rules of discretion still apply,” he added firmly. “No gossiping about our personal affairs and you do not speak to another Dominant without my permission. No respectable Dominant should even attempt such a thing, but I do not know everyone here, so I must rely on you to be a good girl. We might be mingling in our separate groups, Tessa, but you will never be out of my sight, understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good,” he smiled, relaxing again. “This is a daily event, so remember, it’s a privilege I will happily revoke if you misbehave.”

“I understand, Master.”

Sitting back in his chair, his entire demeanor slid right into devilish intent, his mouth curving into a wolfish smirk and Tessa was instantly effected. “Are you ready for your surprise, little fox?”

Nodding, she caught her bottom lip between her teeth to hide her excited grin, and that just made his grow more severe.  God, had she ever met a man more primal before?  Felix was the sophisticated wolf.  Proud, carnal, inviting and dangerous all wrapped up into one, deliciously sexy package.  It was the fact that he didn’t even try to hide his intentions that she found so damn alluring.  Tessa just wasn’t sure what that made her, when she didn’t feel like a helpless lamb in his presence.  His hunger ignited her own.  His predatory edge adrenalized her.  And when he bared his teeth, she longed to feel them sinking into her flesh.

Rising from his chair, he gestured for her to stand.  Hooking a finger in the ring of her collar, he led her back into the suite and straight to the bed where everything was still laid out.  Releasing her, he dug another case out of the shopping bag, opened it, then held the item up for her to see.  It looked like a beetle.  That was the first thing that sprang to her mind.  Shaped like a guitar pick, it had a curved arm that stuck out of both sides from the pointed tip that looked exactly like beetle legs.

“Do you know what this is, my pet?” He asked.

Tessa shook her head. “No, Master.”

His mouth perked up in one corner, delighted with that answer. “It’s a variation of the Eve,” he informed her. “Only, this particular model is remote control.”

He held up the small device covered in buttons to show her, and she felt her stomach roll with dread and anticipation.  She could only imagine all the ways he could use it to torment the hell out of her.

“Lay on the bed exactly as you did last night,” he ordered, his eyes and smile growing increasingly hungry.

Turning, Tessa crawled across the mattress on hands and knees, moving the bag and empty packages along the way.  Her hand landed on a computer printout that read Receipt of Purchase across the top.  She was ready to dismiss it as belonging to the items Remy had delivered, until she saw her own name and paused to read the whole thing.

Master/Owner: Monsieur Felix Debré
sub/slave: Tessa Fauns
Auction Price: $10,000 USD x 7 Days
Total Purchase: $70,000 USD – Paid in Full

It was dated and time stamped for that morning, which meant it had to have been one of the ‘important matters’ he’d taken care of while she’d still been asleep.  So, even if she’d been right in her assumptions about her pet name and the collar, it wouldn’t have mattered.  She still wouldn’t have been able to return to auction, because her services had already been purchased for the entire week!

“What is this?” she asked, turning to hold the paper up for him to see.

He studied her, his expression guarded. “I thought we agreed yesterday that you weren’t going back to auction.”

“But seventy thousand dollars?” she pointed at the paper. “Scratch that, eighty thousand dollars, because you already paid that ridiculous bid last night!”

“And if I let you go back to auction, Tessa, it would be a hell of a lot more than that, because I would never let anyone outbid me for you,” he countered with dangerous finality.

Oh, sweet mother of pearl.  She’d never had the option of not being his sub.  That insight made her even more grateful she’d been wrong in her assumptions.  Still, it felt strange knowing her own price and stranger yet, knowing that he’d be willing to spend even more.  That he’d pay whatever it cost to have her.  She wasn’t that fucking special.  Not enough to warrant an eighty thousand dollar price tag.  That’s what her brain said, yet it touched her in various other ways she was completely defenseless against.  Ways that, just like anticipating his next move, could prove extremely dangerous.

Not knowing what else to say, Tessa simply shook her head. “That’s just… that’s way too much money, Master,” she managed, unable to express the depth of that fact.

Smirking in disagreement, he plucked the paper from her hand. “No, my little fox, it’s not,” he countered with mild amusement. “Now, lay down and spread your legs, before I decide to remind my pet of why it’s not in her best interest to question her Master’s spending habits.”

The verbal grip of his authority was inescapable, not matter how calmly spoken.  She also knew that arguing any further was both fruitless and could possibly cost her those afternoon socializing privileges.  Lying on her back, she bent her knees and set her feet apart just like he wanted.  Then her eyes locked onto the beetle between his fingers.  Where, exactly, was he planning on putting it?  Grabbing her ankles, Master Felix pulled her closer before opening the nightstand drawer and retrieving the bottle of lube.  The memory of him using the clear oil on his own cock ring had lust rising through her nerves.  After applying some to the toy, itself, he put a drop on his fingers and Tessa tensed with the thought of him putting that thing in her ass.

Luckily she didn’t have time to panic, because he started teasing the outer lips of her pussy.  Tessa moaned quietly, trying not to squirm.  He worked his lubricated fingers under them and up over her clit, bringing even more pleasure to her system.  When he stroked over her slit, though, it was still tender.

“Ooh,” she winced, before she could stop herself.

Pausing to lean over her, to put his mouth beside hers, he started teasing her pussy again with firmer, more deliberate strokes.  “Is my poor little fox sore from her Master’s pleasure?”

“Just a little, Master.”

“Mmm, good,” he purred, taking a sensual nibble from her bottom lip. “That just gives you a reminder of your Master’s cock and gives me all the more reason to use your ass tonight, instead.”

Heat flared through Tessa’s entire core at that promise and despite the tenderness, she could feel herself growing wetter with the erotic images forming in her mind, along with his continued strokes.  After seducing her mouth with a hungry kiss, her Master finally leaned back between her legs and began fitting the toy into place.  Tessa gasped on a moan when she felt him situate it right under her labia.  The tip settled tight against her sensitive clit.  When his fingers released the beetle like legs, they spread her open and she groaned both in soreness and surprised pleasure.

It was an odd sensation, having the silicon arms keeping her pussy lips spread apart, keeping her core exposed to the air.  Then, her Master turned it on and Tessa yelped, her hips jerking backward reflexively in an attempt to get away from the intense feeling, but there was no getting away from it!  The blasted thing held itself against her nice and snug.  Just like that damn pillow of his, it was designed to use her own body against her.

Just when you think your Dom isn’t a sadist…

“Uh-oh, pet, you’re going to have to be a lot quiet than that,” Master Felix grinned. “We can’t have the whole island knowing what’s going on between your legs, and you will be wearing this when we leave the room.”

What?!  The look of horror must have been plain as day on her face, because he laughed in absolute delight.

“Master,” she pleaded, but he shook his head to stop her and his expression was set.

“You will wear it, my little fox,” he ordered. “And I will be in control over how often it gets used, for how long, and at which speed. You will not act or reveal in any way that it’s there and you will not cum.”

Tessa couldn’t stop the whimper of despair from escaping her throat, but there was unbidden lust behind it.  She yearned for these moments of torment, even without the pain.  Always, these little tests and challenges made her rewards feels so much sweeter.  Made her orgasms so much more powerful and gratifying.

“We’re going to spend the rest of the morning on the beach,” he smiled, leaning down to kiss her mouth again. “If you do as you’re told to my satisfaction, then I will reward you. If you don’t, then I will reward myself.”

Winner takes all.  Tessa knew that wasn’t completely accurate, either, for her Master would always find his own pleasure, even in her rewards.  That was just the way of it.  Her greatest bliss would be in excelling at his challenge and making him proud.  To see and feel her Master’s pride in her ability to surpass his lessons was a much deeper, longer lasting satisfaction than any orgasm could be – but, the combination was like a super drug.  An addiction gone radioactive.


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