Ode to Samhain


Harvest’s done
The reaper’s lot
Time to share what our work begot

Pumpkins round, gourds aplenty
Carve big eyes and toothy grins
Transform them all to childhood friends

Tart apples for caramel, red for dunking
String them up for the plucking
Between our teeth, they taste so sweet
Sticky chins are worth the treat!

Haystacks, cornstalks, leaves that crunch
Scarecrows droop in crops foregone
While blackbirds herald Full Moon’s light
upon their shoulder’s wooden might

We dance by fire to celebrate,
Winter’s store and Autumn’s fate
Then tucker in, we steel ‘gainst night
To hear the tales by candlelight
Of ghostly ghouls and witch’s flight

Nothing holds this enticing wonder
When veils are weak and spirits’ drawn
Alighting feet, inspiring songs
In our memories, it’s immortalized
A single night we’ll forever prize!

~ A.C.M.

Re-posted from Daily Prompt Challenge

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