Indie Resources


Welcome to the launch page for all of my ‘Dear Indie’ posts.  Just follow the links below to find which resource you’re looking for & enjoy! I’ve added a description, to make your search easier! 😀

Post 1: The 3 greatest leaders in Indie right now: touching base on Marketing, Editing and Cover Design. (Links included)

Post 2: A more in-depth look at Editing & Cover Design (with links to resources for both)

Post 3: Pre-Publishing steps to take to avoid last minute headaches! (Links for book tour promoters)

A Quickie: More insight on DIY Book Cover Designing (Link to Canva)

Post 4: Publishing Part 1 – Publishing through Smashwords.

Post 5: Publishing Part 2 – Publishing through Amazon.

Post 6: Saving & Backing up your work. (Links to online storage sites)

Post 7: A Step-by-Step Guide Part 1 – While You’re Writing Your MS

Post 8: A Sep-by-Step Guide Part 2 – After Your Rough Draft is Done

Post 9: A Step-by-Step Guide Part 3 – Dealing With Constructive Criticism

Post 10: A Step-by-Step Guide Part 4 – 3 Pre-Publishing Marketing Options

Post 11: A Recap on Your Progress Thus Far – Now, Where to Publish?

Post 12: All About Reviews – The different Kinds, And How to React to Them

Post 13: Publishing with Pre-Orders

Post 14: Enduring Your Launch Day

Post 15: Scrivener (with links)

Post 16: The Novel vs. Novellas – What Are The Costs & Benefits?