My parents’ first clue should have been that my favorite ‘oldies’ song was “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by the Blue Öyster Cult.  Then again, my mom’s favorite is “House of the Rising Sun” by the Animals – which, my dad often played on his electric guitar, so perhaps I come by this bend toward the bad naturally… I always appreciated the romance of Bonny & Clyde and then later, Natural Born Killers.

Rather than softening their little girl in pigtails and scraped knees by ushering her off to animated films with unicorns and fluffy kittens, though, they inundated her with George Lucas films directed by Steven Spielberg…  Twisted and Geeky!  Now, that’s a winning combination!

Just makes you wonder if your adulthood vices, interests and guilty pleasures are preordained by fate or heavily influenced by the choices your parents (innocently enough) make during your adolescence, doesn’t it?



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