Step 8: The PDF Check

After putting so much hard work into creating your paperback’s interior layout, you’ll want to check and see if everything converts properly. The easiest and fastest way to do that is to export it as a PDF.

  1. Click on ‘File’ and hover over the arrow beside ‘Export As,’ then choose ‘Export Directly as PDF.’

  1. Open the PDF file from wherever you saved it.
  2. At the top of the screen, click ‘Page View.’
  3. Choose ‘Two Page.’
  4. Slide the ‘Show Cover Page Separately’ to the on position.

That allows you to see the pages on the correct sides they’ll actually be on when the book is printed.

Go through your entire book to ensure there aren’t any errors popping out at you. Double-check that all the graphics are in the right places, spacing is good, headers and footers are on and off where they should be, etc.

If you’re satisfied with the results, you should be able to upload it for publishing whenever you’re ready. However, please use the online previewer provided by KDP to do one final check. If some issues didn’t convert to the PDF, Amazon will catch them, and you’ll see them in the previewer.

If you want to skip the PDF step and go straight to the KDP previewer, that’s an option, too. I use the PDF step because waiting for a file to upload on KDP can take several minutes, and if there are mistakes, you have to fix them. Then, re-upload the file, and wait again.

• • • •

In closing, I really hope this guide helped get you acquainted with interior paperback formatting in LibreOffice. If you’re a prolific writer and publish quite a bit, most of these steps will become a habit, and you’ll no longer need a guide. But it’s always here, in case you forget something (like I do).

Thanks for reading!

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