#RocktoberMusicFest ♪ “Rooster” – Alice In Chains

Somewhere along the evolution of my musical life, when I was supposed to be moving away from my parents’ influence and discovering my own bands, songs and tastes, my mom pulled a 180, embraced her inner rocker and introduced ME to Alice In Chains in the early 90’s; not the the other way around. It was awesome! “Man in the Box” was her favorite and that’s still a popular hit, but when “Rooster” was released, it immediately became my #1 pick.

“Rooster” was written by Alice In Chain‘s guitarist, Jerry Cantrell, about his dad in the Vietnam War and the kind of emotional and mental state it left him in after. In interviews, Jerry reveals that “Rooster” had been his dad’s family-given nickname. The song was not only a huge commercial success for the band, it more importantly helped mend Jerry and his dad’s estranged relationship. The official music video has an interview with his dad in the beginning. I couldn’t stomach the graphic footage for the rest of the video, as my dad is also a Vietnam Vet, but it’s on YouTube for those who are interested. Enjoy!

I do not own any rights to this song, lyrics or video. All rights remain with the artists and their respective agents. No copyright infringement intended.

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Future Nostalgic Melody

We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?

music-and-memory-1I have had some of the craziest songs trigger childhood, teen or even young adult memories in a snap – not even realizing that they were – well, Music Markers, as the Daily called it.  Music that acts like an Event-Marker on your own personal timeline.  It just so happened that you were listening to that song then, or it was playing on the radio someone thought to bring to the beach… I don’t know why or how our brains select that ONE song out of the Top 100 Hits of the week, month or decade.  And I’m fairly sure that I had more than one song that I absolutely loved and just had to listen to over and over and over and over….. you get the point.

So, for the Summer of 2014, I’m afraid I just don’t know how to answer that question.  I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately.  Some new, some old, some I wish I could permanently delete from the memory cells of my ear drums – and you know it has to be bad to make my face scrunch up in distaste, when I like everything from Alice in Chains to Eminem, Louis Armstrong to Taylor Swift, Opera, Jazz, Classical, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Old Country, Bluegrass, Swing, Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal… yeah, so… way off track now.

Oh, right – I’ve been listening to quite a lot of new music since the summer began, but I’ve yet to have anything major happen, and maybe that’s what those Music Markers really need: an event to mark.  If everything goes right, I’ll be moving tomorrow, so maybe it Bruce_Springsteenwill happen then, with whatever I’m listening to in my car or my new apartment.  As I write this, Ed Shareen’s “Give Me Love” is playing in my head, so maybe it will be that song triggering memories of these moments 20 years from now.  It has a nice Southern Rock sound to it and his voice is deep, which I find captures my attention more in male singers (sorry Adam Lick-My-Tattoos Levine, I still love you!) and probably stems from the fact that I grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen.   The deeper, the grittier, the yummier, that’s all there is to it.  Hey, he’s not The Boss for no reason.