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TITLE – Wonderlust
SERIES – Steel Roses
AUTHOR – B.L.Wilde
GENRE – Erotic romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 70K
COVER ARTIST – Laurynne Gouws

Wonderlust - Book Cover


Natasha White has always been unlucky in love. The men she falls for only want one thing from her, and it isn’t commitment. When her boss and on/off fling announces his engagement to another woman, she finds herself running from her feelings for him by taking a job as a personal assistant to the legendary rock god, Alex Harbour—half a world away. Her new boss is sexy, damaged, and insatiable, but Natasha has been a fan since she was a young girl. Conflicted by her emotions, she begins a love/hate relationship with the egotistical rock star.Alex’s intentions toward her are clear from the moment they meet, but Natasha isn’t about to run from one emotionless connection to another. She is determined to keep her distance from her childhood crush, by any means necessary. When lust begins to cloud her mind, however, she becomes hell bent on protecting her heart. What good could ever come out of falling for a rock star, anyway?




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“You’re pretty good at handling the media,” Alex mused once we’d taken our seats inside the cinema. “You sure know how to put them in their place. I think that was the most effortless set of interviews I’ve ever had.”

“I have a love, hate relationship with them. I don’t mind being abrupt when they overstep their mark.”

“That’s a little like us.” I had to giggle at that. “You look really beautiful tonight, Nat.”

“Maybe you should keep your eyes on the stage instead of on me.” I smirked, brushing of his comment while we watched the director and main leads take the stage. I tried to collect my thoughts, but Alex Harbour had just called me beautiful.

So many people acknowledged Alex as they wandered past us. Some stopped to congratulate him on the song for the soundtrack. I, myself, was disappointed with the song. It had a more pop feel than rock. To me, it was like he’d sold out on this track. It wasn’t the real him.

My mouth fell open when Adam Rider came over and had a quick chat with us. He was ‘the’ Hollywood actor at the moment, and gazing up at him, I could see why. The man was almost as sexy as Alex, with his dark, almost black hair, deep chocolate eyes and sexy irish accent. He wore a tux just as well, too.
“When are you going to take that jump into the film industry, Alex?” he asked, darting his eyes toward me.

“That’s never going to happen, Adam. Music is my love. We’ve had this conversation before.”

“And who is this? I don’t think we’ve been introduced.” Adam held my gaze, the same way Alex did the first time I met him. Celebrities of their caliber always had that effect on me, knocking me breathless with their beauty. It was a surreal moment to realize they were real people, not just a perfect face in a magazine or on TV.

“I…I…I’m Natasha White,” I stuttered, taking his hand when he offered it to me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Natasha,” he cooed, kissing the back of my hand. Hollywood actors…were they all this smooth? “I’m not used to seeing Alex with such a sophisticated woman.” Now I was blushing.

“Natasha is my new personal assistant.” Alex’s tone was sharp as he shot daggers at Adam. “You better take your seat, Adam. It looks like they’re going to start.”

“I need to find my date anyway. Good talking with you, Alex. Natasha.” Gracefully, he disappeared into the crowd in search of his seat.

“Wow,” I gasped, holding my chest. “I just met Adam Rider.”

“Are you a fan of his?” Alex didn’t seem that interested in my answer. He was busy playing with the arm of his chair.

“Who isn’t a fan of his? I heard he turned down the lead role in this film we’re seeing tonight.”
“I wouldn’t know, but I’m not sure Westerns are his thing anyway.”

“Do you see him a lot? Are you good friends with him?”

“Straight Lace, do you have a crush on Mr. Hollywood? I do know him pretty well. We jam together from time to time.” He couldn’t hide his smirk. “Most actors are womanizers, though, and Adam is no different. I wouldn’t get mixed up with him.”

“I’ve heard that about rock stars, too,” I quipped. “And you definitely live up to that.”

“Maybe you need to find a more reliable source. You really don’t know me well enough to make that judgement yet.”

Wonderlust - 3D ImageBOOK SOUNDTRACK

Rockstar – Nickelback
Hearts on fire – Passenger
Use Somebody – Kings Of Leon
I Want You – Bon Jovi
I’m A Mess – Ed Sheeran
Feel – Robbie Williams
Demons – Imagine Dragons
Give Into Me – Michael Jackson
Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls
I Was Made For Lovin You – Kiss
Rehab – Rihanna
Animals – Maroon 5
Come Undone – Robbie Williams
Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran
The Kill – Thirty Seconds to Mars
Broken – Seether
Wonderwall – Oasis
Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran
Stigmatized – The Calling
This Years Love – David Gray
I’d Come For You – Nickelback
Are You Going To Be My Girl – Jet


Wonderlust - Teaser 1


Alex Harbour – Adored by millions of women all over the world, Alex Harbour has the world at his feet and the ego to match. Once a front man to the legendary rock band, Steel Roses, he is now a solo artist. His lifestyle is sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Fame has corrupted his soul. No one is strong enough to help him face the demons from his past. That is until a certain PA walks into his life.

Natasha White – All Nat wants is someone that will love her unconditionally, but she has a habit of falling for the wrong man. Maybe secretly she is scared of commitment. Half italian, she has a fiery temper and can stand up for herself. After falling for her boss she has no choice but to take a job to get some distance between them when she discovers he’s become engaged. Running away to LA to work for the rock star Alex Harbour might be the best decision she ever made, though.

My Review

Title: Wonderlust
Author: B.L. Wilde
Genre: Erotic Romance
Rating: 3.5 ‘s

The best part about this entire book, was the lack of sugar-coating. B.L. Wilde’s characters are exposed in all of their tragic, messed up, jealous, lying, cheating, short-fused, sarcastic, drug and alcohol abusing glory. If you want a book about fantasy, this is not it. If you want a book guaranteed to irk, delight and surprise you with raw edges and realism, then hop right in!

Wonderlust is truly a character driven plot, complete with awesome sub-characters. The tumultuous mood swings were a little daunting at times, but I couldn’t stop reading. I appreciated having to work for the slow, awkward growth that some of the characters went through, rather than just being handed a cookie-cutter Hero and Heroine. I would’ve liked to have seen more of that growth from the main character, herself, especially regarding her habit of running away from her problems. I felt she could be immaturely short-tempered and unaccountably dishonest, though I never stopped rooting for her. She’s otherwise a strong woman with heart, who doesn’t sacrifice who she is against some pretty tough obstacles, and that was admirable.

Natasha White is trying to distance herself from a four-year fling with her boss, David, when he chooses to get engaged to someone else. Taking on the position of Alex Harbour’s new Personal Assistant has her fleeing London for sunny L.A. The problem? She’s had a crush on the former front man of Steel Roses since she was twelve and in less than ten seconds, he brings all of her adolescent daydreams crashing to the ground by being the epitome of the entitled, egotistical, womanizing Rock Star.

Alex Harbour has scars so deep, some of them aren’t even revealed in the book. He’s gorgeous, addicted, arrogant and far from charming. Yet, underneath all the trappings of Rock Stardom that he uses as a shield, is a man desperate for more than what life has been throwing his way. He needs someone to tell him no, to give him boundaries and give back just as good as he dishes out – on every level. The problem? He’s been safeguarding his heart for so long, he has no clue how to win a woman over without falling back on his depraved, wickedly destructive ways.

It’s simply best to accept right now, that you’re going to love Alex Harbour, even when you hate him. You’re going to experience emotions most romance novels never cover, like disgust, disappointment, a new-found, really strong dislike for supermodels, and gob-smacking “WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!” moments. Final thoughts: I hope some of the things left unfinished here find closure in the coming books, because if the rest of Steel Roses is anything like Alex Harbour, I think I’m in danger of becoming a groupie.


Wonderlust - Author PhotoAUTHOR BIO

B.L. Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love stories and sexy men. She can often be found at her desk working on her next project, or looking at eye candy online for research purposes. She is a sucker for happy endings, but will always make her characters work for it. If you enjoy romance, suspense and erotica, let your imagination run ‘Wilde’.





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♥Book Blast of “Skin Deep” by Trista Jaszczak!♥


Skin Deep - CoverTitle: Skin Deep

Author: Trista Jaszczak

Genre: BDSM/Erotica

Release Date: July 31, 2015

Print Length: 241 pages

ASIN: B00Z1I5006

Cover Artist: Shoutlines Designs


WLK synopsis

WARNING: This story contains female submission, a Daddy Dom/babygirl relationship, hot oral sex scenes, and the beginning of an erotic BDSM lifestyle. This is intended for mature (18+) audiences only.

Lola’s top priority in life has always been her tattoo parlor, Skin Deep and for years all she has wanted was for it to succeed. But when two of her employees decide to venture to bigger cities for a change of pace she is devastated and finding replacements proves to be both difficult and stressful. When she does hire River Hawthorne she knows that there is something different about him and whatever it is, she finds it attractive. What she doesn’t know is what River is about to do to her…Or just how much time she’ll spend on her knees for him.

Book Links

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25483605.Skin_Deep

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1UaP6Tk


WLK excerpt

River’s POV

You want to have a seat with me in the back? Have lunch together?”

She takes a moment to think about it and finally nods. She follows me from her office to the break room. I can tell that she’s been thinking. If she’s anything like me, she’s thinking about last night. Only I’m willing to bet she’s wondering what she did wrong, why she did what she did, and what she is going to do now. I want to tell her that she didn’t do anything wrong. But to feed her the cliché line of “it’s not you, it’s me” seems like a whole lot of bullshit at this point. I could easily man up and just tell her…but then I risk not only being fired but losing her altogether. Makes me hate being so fucked up. She looks at me with sad eyes as she has a seat at the table.

I pull out a chair across from her and begin sitting our food and drinks on the table. I look up at her with my eyes and catch her staring. She quickly looks away and purses her lips. It doesn’t seem to be sitting well with her either. I’m reducing her to nothing more than a fucking one night stand. What a dick move. I open a straw and place it in one of the thirty-two ounce cups and push it over to her. “Have a drink.”

Her cheeks fill with color and she takes the cup, bringing the straw to her lips. She has a quick sip and looks away from me and down to her right. She can barely look at me. Not like I can blame her. She presses her lips around the straw for a moment and I catch her eyes again. She hurries to look away as she sets the cup on the table. I start pulling her food from the bag. A bacon cheeseburger and a large order of fries from Pepper’s Bar and Grill just down the street. “Hungry?”

She finally looks at me and gives me a little nod. “Starved, actually.”

Then you shouldn’t have told me that you didn’t want anything,” I say. “You have to eat.” I begin unwrapping her burger and place it front of her. She looks up at me confused as I sit down and grab my own burger and fries.

I’m just trying to keep the shop running,” she explains. “I have to work your schedules around all the appointments you have all while making sure someone can be out front in case we have walk-ins.”

Understandable, but you can’t just not eat. It’s not good for you.” I say, diverting my attention to my burger. I look up slightly and see that she is chewing quietly but seems to refuse to look at me as she reaches for her cup and has a drink of pop.

Sometimes I just forget.”

Well,” I start, “you shouldn’t. It’s not healthy.”

She gives me a silent nod as she still looks to my left.

Something interesting over there?” I ask, wiping my mouth with a napkin.

Her mouth drops and her eyes move to meet mine. “I’m sorry…I just…” Her voice trails and she looks up at me with the saddest blue eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.

Lola, this doesn’t have to be awkward,” I tell her. “Things happened really fast last night. I never wanted to make things like this…I just…see I have this thing…” I stop my words and watch as her mouth drops.

Oh, my fucking God.” Her blue eyes go from sad to angry quickly as she pushes her food away.

I shake my head. “No, that’s not what I meant, see, I just…there’s this thing about me.” Out with it, dude. Tell her. Tell her now. Tell her what you are. I look down at her burger that has no more than two bites taken out. “You should eat some more. Two bites will not help you. I know it’s not exactly healthy, but it’s something.”

Do you have a fucking girlfriend?” She snaps in a loud whisper, leaning across the table.

I shake my head furiously. “No! I wouldn’t do that!”

Some disease?”

This one just makes me laugh as I sit back and shake my head. I lean back in my chair and shake my head. “No, I don’t have some STD that I didn’t tell you about.”

Then what?”

You should sit back, calm down, and eat your fucking food, Lola.” I tell her.

Then what?! Just tell me?! What thing do you have?!” She looks directly into my eyes. She’s worried, she’s scared, and she’s a mess. I can see that all in her eyes. She pouts slightly and gets up. “It was fun…really, it was great. I hope you like your job here.”

I love my job,” I tell her, being completely honest. “I fucking love it. Which is why I don’t want to lose it.”

She pouts again, this time crossing her arms and nodding as she starts to walk away.

Lola, sit down, now,” I command her.

She turns to look at me, shocked at my order. Her mouth drops and her arms slowly fall to her sides.

Sit down and eat, now.” I order.

She reaches for the chair and pulls it out slowly. She looks at me, pouts, and finally has a seat, taking a bite of her burger. I look away and smirk slightly. All I can think to myself is good girl.


WLK Author Bio



Trista Jaszczak (jazz-ick) is the author of the Believe series (reinterpreted fairy tales), and upcoming relaunches, Loverboy, What Lies Inside and the Darkness Falls series. She is an Air Force spouse and mother to two mischievous and rambunctious little girls. She is originally from Hamilton, Ohio but calls home where ever the Air Force sends her. She currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska where she finds endless inspiration in the pure Alaskan wilderness. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time with her family in the vast Alaskan outdoors, plucking away at her old guitar or working on self-improvement in the gym. She loves the outdoors, the moon, old movies and music.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTristaJaszczak/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/authortrista
Tumblr: http://naughtyeroticaauthor.tumblr.com/
Website/Blog: https://naughtyauthornicetrista.wordpress.com/
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1eE3wLu

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A Matter of Trust?


I’m admittedly completely lost when it comes to navigating Twitter.  I’m still fresh out the shell, getting my sea legs, floundering about the realm of hashtags and Tweet trends.  It seems like everyday I find something new and interesting. Today it was actually via Goodreads from an author I follow there.  A challenge titled the 7 of 7 of 7 Game, where you have to share the first 7 lines of page 7 of your WIP and/or the first 7 lines of Chapter 7 of your WIP (Work In Progress, for those unfamiliar with the acronym).

The author challenged others to join in, and I was all for it, until I realized that I hadn’t yet reached Chapter 7 in my particular WIP.  So, a little crestfallen, I left Goodreads and headed over to Twitter where I found the #WIP group was connected to another trend called #lineoftheday.  Oh, now that I can do!  The following is a combo of the first half of the 7 of Game and the lineoftheday group (Italics)…

First 7 lines from page 7 of (one of) my WIP:

Lyris didn’t struggle. Being fed off of by Daemons was actually more common than being fucked by them. She felt the weakness settle into her limbs, her vision slowly fading, as he made sure to drain her to the brink. She would heal, of course. Her body would naturally replenish itself of everything she needed, but it would take some time and until then, she would be incapable of escaping, which appeared to be his plan.
Daemons, Lyris thought in exasperation, as consciousness slowly slipped out of her grasp and death beckoned. They have so many trust issues.

The Sacrifice
A.C. Melody

Remember, it’s a WIP, so no judging yet! LOL 🙂

A Bad Time To Be Broken

Hello blogalites! Holy happy meals batman, it has been forever since I’ve been on here and I won’t be long tonight. I’m currently pecking the keys like a novice, due to a pinched nerve causing pain and swelling in my fingers.  (I know, it’s so much fun!)  It couldn’t have come about at a worse time, either – the first day of my 8 week Blog Tour hosted by Goddess Fish Promotions starts tomorrow!  I’m really, really excited, aches and all!


My first stop will be at Racy Recanteur, home of erotic romance author Normandie Alleman.  The tour is a rafflecopter giveaway, so if you want in on the prize, make sure to stop by RR to join in!  I’ll also be on the site all day to answer any comments or questions.

Another announcement I’d like to share (which is really late, my apologies) is that The Zen Lounge got it’s first review on Goodreads!  It’s pretty amazing! Okay it’s better than amazing, but you’ll have to see for yourself by following this little linky thing here.

Now, I’m gonna take my dysfunctional hands and go watch me some Supernatural… Mmm… Dean Winchester….

p.s. The tour hits a different blog each week, so make sure to check back here, on my FB or follow me on Twitter (@AuthorACMelody) for weekly updates and links!

Hope to see you tomorrow!



(World of WordPress… hehehe)

First, I really hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Ours was great, hectic, fun and then I got a little stomach bug right afterward, or I would’ve been back sooner.  I do have an exciting announcement, though, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that everyone’s hangovers aren’t too bad in the morning, because…

The Zen Lounge - Blitz Banner

It’s time for The Zen Lounge’s one day blitz hosted by My Family’s Heart Book Tours! Starting tomorrow morning and spanning 28 blogs, you’ll have the opportunity to catch exclusive author interviews, character bios, never before released excerpts and of course, a rafflecopter for prizes – to include a FREE e-book copy of The Zen Lounge!

I will be keeping my Twitter (@AuthorACMelody) and Facebook pages updated all day long with links to each of the different blogs that have been amazing enough to host this event!

Hope to see you there!

New Year Makeover!

Hi! Welcome to the new blog, what do you think?

January is right around the corner and I thought “What a good time to totally jazz up the old blog!” I’m really liking it, myself. Been here since October of 2013 with the same theme, which I still have, but never really poked around too much to see what personal touches I could put in place.

Of course, for all of us still using WordPress for free, we’re already aware of the limitations on our ability to really spruce up a blog without forking out the yearly subscription cost. I’m an author not a day trader, but I was also really, really bored with the white walls, if you know what I mean! So I got nerdy and checked into it and Wallah! Turns out WP does have certain free themes that allow just enough wiggle room to put up some new wallpaper and curtains. 😉

I lucked out already having one of those themes. I really like the layout and cringed at the idea of having to shop for a new one. With the New Year looming ahead, I’ve also decided it was time to get a little more organized. I’ve updated all of those nifty pages there on the menu bar. Added quick links to my poems, since… you know, I’m not a poet.

Unfortunately, I’ve also been going through and deleting old posts regarding my unpublished works – for future publication purposes – so there’s a little bit of construction still going on. Or maybe it’s just remodeling? Redecorating! Yeah, I like that better.

Just out of curiosity, what would you change about your blog if you had complete design control? Let me know if you do make any, and I’ll be sure to come check it out!

Happy Tuesday

The One


I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk with some interesting people over at About.me.  I think it’s a wonderful place to connect with so many talented and creative minds; humanitarians and musicians, artists and authors, journalists and fashion designers, photographers and travelers, the list goes on and on.  I was recently asked a ‘deep-thinking’ kind of question by one of those individuals that got me wondering about “The One.”

No, not ‘the one’ true love.  Not ‘the one’ that got away or even ‘the one’ time of regret….

The One project we all have that seems to mean more to us than any other.  As a writer, I’m proud and protective of all of my works, I love each and every one of my characters; hero or villain.  But, I do have one story that goes deep.  I started writing it when I was only 18 years old and since then it has changed drastically, it has evolved, grown like a child to incorporate immeasurable veins, characters, back stories, sub-stories, agendas, plot twists… I can’t even describe how full this story is now and that it spans generations gives you somewhat of an idea.  Completed, it would be about six or seven full-length novels.

The thing is that I don’t feel confident in my ability to write it.  Yes, I just said that.  I know that it’s my baby, that it was spawned from the mysterious inner workings of my own questionable psyche, but the story itself (in my 100% biased opinion) is Epic Fantasy worthy.  Unfortunately, I’m hardly the Grand Master of that genre.  I write plotted porn for crying aloud – Oh, sorry, it’s called Erotica… and while I don’t have any insecurities regarding my ability to weave an epic tale, I know I’m a far cry from Tolkien, Zimmer-Bradley, Lackey or Brooks.

The question posed to me was “What would you chance, if you knew you would not fall?”

I would chance finishing that series and submitting it to a publisher, because I believe in the story.  I believe in the characters having a chance to be heard and loved and hated by people other than myself.  But I can fall.  I can fail and it’s not the publishing part that scares me.  I’m afraid of it getting published without being at its fullest potential.  I’m afraid of failing the story and those beloved characters with my inability to put to paper the words necessary to do them the proper justice.

Going Forward to Look Behind

Daily Press asked us today what kind of progress we would like to see with our blogs a year from now.  So, I hopped into my time machine… Remember, I wield the Time Traveler superpowers… and I zipped through the multidimensional plains to January 2, 2015, looked back and… scrunched up my face in distaste.  “What is this hodgepodge of illogical randomness?” I asked myself.

The problem is that I’ve already noticed this.  I don’t really need to travel to the future to see what’s been going on around here – it would just be fun.  I can’t even blame the daily prompts, since it’s my choice to use them.  When I started this blog, it was supposed to be for nothing more than to promote my upcoming book and everything else I end up writing under the pen name A.C. Melody – What?  You thought that was my real name?  Oh, sorry.  It’s not.  It’s my pseudonym.  Perhaps, it was meant to advertise my unbelievable skill at weaving tales by using an excessive amount of large words you would need a dictionary to figure out – but that’s not how I talk and this has turned into more of personal blog than a professional one.

Is that bad?  I’m not sure.  I wouldn’t mind reading more personal insights about my favorite authors on their blogs, so I don’t think it’s a horrible thing.  It just isn’t putting my craft out there very well.  Writing is a craft of mathematical proportions:  10 minutes of typing + 15 minutes of walking away = 2 hours of editing.  See?  The thing is that when I’m reading a novel, I don’t mind the artfully placed, grandiose usage of large words.  I hate reading it in someone’s blog.  An overabundance of large words in a blog just sounds pretentious – especially, if that’s not really the way you talk – or, maybe even if it is.  (Just my personal opinion.)

It doesn’t seem that my voice as a writer has found a niche here, though.  Outside of a few faithful, whom I also follow loyally, the only time my blog seems to attract attention is when I do link to the daily prompts.  Well, I’m not sure how much more of that I’m going to be doing.  I’ve also opted not to join January’s NaBloPoMo, because frankly, I have a book to write – so, I’m not going to commit to blogging daily when it’s not very likely to happen until I’m done.

What I do hope to accomplish is keep adding more pieces to my Where Words & Art Collide pages, because that means I’m being even more creative than just writing!  I also want to dedicate more time to reading blogs, for I know there are some sensational ones out there that I’m currently missing, (I’m partial to ones that make me laugh). I’m already off to a promising start with my artwork, so I will be keeping my fingers crossed it continues.  Until next time, Daily Bloggers, here’s the latest addition:

DDGraphics 011

Click to enlarge picture

What Just Happened?

A little twist on the Daily Prompt – I bet you weren’t expecting that?  Okay, you’re right, that was cheesy.

Unexpected things happen in real life all of the time, from good to bad, to things we find irrelevant.  I already confessed my most unexpected event in  ‘Degrees of Shock’.  No one ever expects a school shooting, or to win the lottery, hit the jackpot at the casino or turn the television on and see the Twin Towers crumbling to the ground.

As a writer, the “unexpected” is a nifty, necessary tool used to capture and retain the attention of our readers.  A jackknife in the plot, meant to keep the pages turning – but how difficult is it to weave an unexpected turn of events into a storyline?  Not too difficult, I suppose, if you like being predictable.  I don’t think any writer sets out to be predictable, with the exception of (cough) Hallmark Holiday movie screenwriters (cough) – not to point any fingers.

However, there is a fine line between a ‘plot twist’ and a ‘plot death’.  I’ve said this before, and I will keep on saying it:  Readers are smart.  They’re smart and they’re extremely aware of what they like.  Throwing an “unexpected” curve ball out of left-field that doesn’t really flow well with the rest of the story, is going to get your book trashed (both literally and verbally).alteredplottwists2So, to craft the unexpected in a good plot takes squeezing wiggling room out of preset space.  Say what?  Yes, wiggle.  Maneuver.  Move around, stand and look at it from every possible angle, like you’re rearranging your living room.  Imagine that all of the complex plot points are pieces of furniture and the ‘Bam!’ (the twist) you’re trying to incorporate is the coffee table.  The main focal point of the entire room, surrounded by all of the other pieces that need your ‘unexpected event’ to be their nexus.  How will that one thing affect everything else?  Ripples in still water… lemme see how many more clichés I can toss out here…

Haven’t you ever read a book that was going in one direction, only to have the ‘plot twist’ completely change that direction for the worst?  Rendering the story impossible to finish?  Or, just simply fizzling out to a highly disappointing ending?  Yeah, those ‘plot deaths’ can happen – even during the writing process.  I’ve had to scrap my share of pages, because of that and start over, take the twist out or change it somehow.  Newsflash Readers, you aren’t the only ones that the ‘unexpected’ happens to!  Those plot twists aren’t always premeditated!  They come on and shock the hell out of us writers along the way – get our blood pumping, the excitement churning – and we run with it, until it either goes horribly awry or takes us to a far better place than we’d initially hoped for.

Or, maybe that’s just me:  The completely unorganized writer that can’t even manage to make character bios before attacking the keyboard.  I guess, in a very real sense, my entire book is completely unexpected to me beyond the initial idea.  You know what, though?  I kind of like it that way. 🙂

Calling All Voters!

As smart-alecky as I can be sometimes – I gotta give the Instigator credit for coming up with some pretty awesome ideas… This one requires the help of all of you out there in the blogging community.  What I’m looking to propose is a popularity contest.  Over the next few days, I will post an excerpt from 4 different stories that I have in the works, and on the last post, I will attach a poll, so that everyone can vote for their favorite one.  I’ll leave the poll open for two weeks,  for I know people are busy traveling and visiting with family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Whichever excerpt has the most votes by December 7th will be the first story I finish and attempt to submit to a publisher!

What do you get out of it, you ask?  Well… the satisfaction of knowing that the story you want to read will be done before everyone else’s!  High-five, you!  Now, you can do the happy dance and be all “In your face, biotches!” – Okay, that probably isn’t a very good incentive.  Tell you what, I will answer one question (keep it nice, ya’ll) from everyone who voted for the winner – or I will write a blog-post about any subject you want (within reason), even if that means I’ll have to research my little bum off in order to do it.  Of course, I’m always open to other suggestions.  Thanks in advance to everyone who ends up participating, I really appreciate it!