That’s how I feel.  I used to pride myself on being more of a multitasker, but lately I can only seem to stay focused on one thing at a time – and that has obviously not been my blog!  It’s a good thing I wasn’t trying to run this thing for a living!  I seriouslyContinue reading “Single-Minded”

Today Was A Good Day

Hi! How was your day? Between our careers, our family members, children, friends and those random strangers that can pop up and turn our every days into chaos, how many nights do you go to bed and think, “By George, today was a good day!” ? If your life is anything like mine (and everyoneContinue reading “Today Was A Good Day”


Limitless.  That should be the definition of the Epic Fantasy genre.  Yet, without the use of magic, are we not limited to the natural laws of physics?  Are we not bound by the world as we know it, or at the very least, a world that would be theoretically possible?  Where’s the line between ‘acceptable’Continue reading “Limitless”

The Golden Rule

Thanks, Daily, but I already believe in Karma.  Science doesn’t need to prove it – people just need to pay closer attention and they, too, would see it for themselves.  The tricky thing about Karma, is that there’s no time frame for when it will strike – good or bad.  Things happen as they shouldContinue reading “The Golden Rule”