I Wish I Had That Bumpersticker!

Yep, it’s time for another bumper sticker from yours truly.  Call it road rage therapy.  You’re actually helping me.  Thanks! 😉 And remember, if you’d like to see your own idea turned into a lovely piece of art like this (cough) then just message me at a_c_melody@outlook.com and I’ll post it for ya! Happy SundayContinue reading “I Wish I Had That Bumpersticker!”

Twisted Sense of Humor

The Daily asks: You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you? I don’t know anyone who would actually buy me flowers without proudly announcing they did it in a card, so this would actually creepContinue reading “Twisted Sense of Humor”

BFFs 4-Ever & Ever ‘Till The End!

Today’s prompt might seem simple to some… The Daily is asking: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to? …but the answer is “To give your time,” and that’s often easier said than done.  I don’t mean a wrist-to-wrist transfer like in that movie where the hot-as-hell Matt BomerContinue reading “BFFs 4-Ever & Ever ‘Till The End!”