Confessions of a Hybrid Author | WTF?

Stop spending money on marketing. Seriously, put your credit card down and back away from the computer, this is not a drill. Confession Time: I’ve written a couple of books that you’ve never seen or heard about because I don’t have them linked to any of my social media accounts, nor do I have themContinue reading “Confessions of a Hybrid Author | WTF?”

Kimberly Adams .99 Cent Book Sale!

♥ .99 CENT sale, Roam Series! ♥ Roam Book #1 Fall Book #2 Rise Book #3 Rush Book #4 Rule Book #5 Reign Book #6 West Novella ♥ Movie Trilogy Just .99 Cents ♥ Below Unforgiven Book #1 Before a Perfect World Book #2 On HeartbreakContinue reading “Kimberly Adams .99 Cent Book Sale!”