Yeah, I went there and now everyone’s thinking about Shrek… Come on, admit it. LOL Okay, so assuming I’m not here talking to myself and still have people who might be interested, I have obviously started construction on my website. It will be undergoing some gradual changes over the following months. With any luck, itContinue reading “Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes…”

The Other Side of The Coin

We all started as readers, didn’t we? Long ago, back when books could only be purchased in print and the idea of corresponding with our favorite authors was a pipe dream that earned us generic letters written by fan club volunteers–yet, we cherished them anyway. All the late night hours, oversleeping for school the nextContinue reading “The Other Side of The Coin”

Still Waiting To Start Over…

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, but I don’t feel like doing Triple Lyric Tuesday today.  New ideas to keep my blog interesting and interactive are constantly keeping me up at night, but to be honest, it seems the only way to get a ton of comments and/or followers is to write about those topics thatContinue reading “Still Waiting To Start Over…”

A Preamble of Sorts

“I am unraveled in the concept of my own existence.  Take apart the propaganda of a few thwarting the realism of the many, and you have “society.”  But what is society, really?  If so many of us claim to be non-conformers; rebels, the black sheep of the socially accepted, than how is there even aContinue reading “A Preamble of Sorts”