Dear Indie ♥ Random Resource Post

HI INDIES!!! I’ve been meaning to get this baby tapped out, but it’s that time of year. Now, I’m glad I didn’t, because I’ve found something better to talk about besides sale results (I’ll get to that next time). This is a topic I’ve seen come up in various posts over the last few monthsContinue reading “Dear Indie ♥ Random Resource Post”

Chapter XIV: The Final Decision

Without rising from our seated positions, the medieval English countryside began to fade, only to be replaced by the quickly approaching train depot.  It rushes toward us, situating stone benches under our bums, before we even have the chance to appreciate the thrill of the ride. “Well, that was something,” I breathe, reorienting myself withContinue reading “Chapter XIV: The Final Decision”

Chapter X: Choices

I want to explore more of this In Between place, but know that I cannot yet.  The trains aren’t really trains, merely a manifestation of the choices that lie before me.  I can see them now, beneath their iridescent glow, they are different colors.  The faint bronze of my past lives leaves the platform andContinue reading “Chapter X: Choices”