Born Fearless

I remember being so fearless, I convinced the meanest, most stubborn mare in the world to let me ride her… bareback. (I think I just out-stubborned her).  I spent all my time barefoot, running at top speeds down gravel driveways, through pastures of wild daisies, eating Huckleberries and Blackberries right off the bush and conningContinue reading “Born Fearless”

Help Unspoken

The woman has had a hard day.  One of those days where Murphy’s Law is in full affect.  Now, after a work day she thought would never end, she just wants to get dinner done so she can sit down and unwind.  Unfortunately, her luck isn’t any better at home.  The pasta’s boiling over, andContinue reading “Help Unspoken”

The Nerve to Succeed

I confess, I’m floundering.  I’m very happy to announce that I finished the book I was working on (Yay!) It turned out to be a collection of 3 short novellas, instead.  But, as soon as I handed it over to my beta readers, my Muse made a beeline for the door and is now MIA.Continue reading “The Nerve to Succeed”

Eighth Deadly Sin: Entitlement

Entitlement (noun): 1. The fact of having a right to something. 2. The amount to which a person has a right. 3. The belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. – Google This is a tricky Sin.  Entitlement can often be misconstrued by people suffering from the Ninth Deadly Sin: PrejudiceContinue reading “Eighth Deadly Sin: Entitlement”


Is it morphing or word-inventification? Perhaps a year has passed since I responded to a Daily Prompt, but this one got me thinking.  The WP Guru’s want us to morph a common word into something new (in other words, add another slang word to the Urban Dictionary).  I get the process and as a writer,Continue reading “Mind-Fracking”

Soundtrack of My Life

Since I missed yesterday, I decided to answer both prompts today.  The Daily Post is asking: If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album? Of course, everyone wishes they had the big scores reminiscent ofContinue reading “Soundtrack of My Life”

Literate May Be A Stretch

Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them? Cedar Sunday Phone (Dear Smart Phone): Awe, did i swipe too fast for you? Well, too bad! Yes, i am that birch that thinks thatContinue reading “Literate May Be A Stretch”

A True Irish Jig

I know I committed to NaBloPoMo and should be writing some awe-inspiring post answering one of the Daily Prompts, but my sister and I have possibly come across a sledgehammer that will knock one of our family history’s walls down in Eastern County Galway, Ireland.  Do you know how hard it is to do genealogyContinue reading “A True Irish Jig”

Honest Bulls**t

What’s the best story someone else has recently told you (in person, preferably)? Share it with us, and feel free to embellish — that’s how good stories become great, after all. Would that be considered gossiping?  No?… Alrighty, then! 😀 Not so long ago, on a chilly, wet October afternoon, my best friend’s husband hopped in hisContinue reading “Honest Bulls**t”

The 9th Sign

You’re tasked with creating a brand new astrological sign for the people born around your birthday — based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it? I feel like asking: “If it’s not broke, why fix it?”  But then, I’d be a spoil sport, right? TheContinue reading “The 9th Sign”