Chapter VII: Vestiges

There is no need, and yet we began to walk.  It seems appropriate after such a heavy debate, to move while the mind tries to resettle.  Only, for each step that I take, the canvas around us fills with those echoes of my past lives, painted in bleeding watercolors that fade quickly in our wake. Continue reading “Chapter VII: Vestiges”

The Metamorphoses of a Villain

I’ve resurrected this from the depths of that vortex in my office, while actually searching for a completely different story.  It’s a bit too fitting, and may seem a continuum from my fairytale piece, but I promise it’s not a theme I’m after… though the approaching winter; the shorter, darkening days may be playing havocContinue reading “The Metamorphoses of a Villain”

This Thing About Fairytales

Taking into consideration that every culture has their own traditional lore, the western world has undoubtedly been influenced the most by the collections attributed to the Brothers Grimm, the French Classics and even the Norse Sagas.  Though many have fallen in love with One Thousand and One Nights (aka Arabian Nights) and the darker, SlavicContinue reading “This Thing About Fairytales”