Sharing the Vitamin D

Once again, this is the most difficult part of these Awards.  Choosing 10 blogs that have inspired me in some positive, creative or mind-blowing way can be difficult, but at least there’s no follower count limit this time around.  Out of respect for those who have, understandably, chosen to have “award free” blogs, I won’tContinue reading “Sharing the Vitamin D”

Paying It Forward

The time has come for the Grand Finale of my first Liebster Award participation.  But, I have a problem with one of the rules.  I have several blogs that I would like to nominate, because I thoroughly enjoy them and I believe others would also, yet they might have more than 200 followers.  Many don’tContinue reading “Paying It Forward”

This is Better Than Ice Cream!

I’ve heard that’s the best thing to use as a comparison.  A high compliment if ever there was one.  I don’t eat ice cream, so I’m going to have to trust in all of those who do.  I learned today that I’ve been recommended and praised as an up-and-coming author over at Alienorajt.  I wasContinue reading “This is Better Than Ice Cream!”