The Prince of Fallen Kingdoms

“With maddening perseverance, he waves not a flag for allies nor brandishes weapons upon his enemies heads, but uses a mastery of magic – nay, a skill possessively shared only by the alchemist – dare say it’s quite possibly the prophetess – a surety unshakable, a knowledge un-divinable, as immoveable as a Gargoyle at restContinue reading “The Prince of Fallen Kingdoms”

The One

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk with some interesting people over at  I think it’s a wonderful place to connect with so many talented and creative minds; humanitarians and musicians, artists and authors, journalists and fashion designers, photographers and travelers, the list goes on and on.  I was recently asked a ‘deep-thinking’Continue reading “The One”

Interview With a Vampesque Type Being

So, the Daily Prompters are asking us to commit plagiarism today and then call it flattery.  I’m not sure how blurred the lines are between imitation and copyright infringement, so I’m going to do a little “Borrowing.”  One of my favorite authors (as I’ve mentioned at least 1,000,000 times already), is the uncontested Queen ofContinue reading “Interview With a Vampesque Type Being”

Chapter VII: Vestiges

There is no need, and yet we began to walk.  It seems appropriate after such a heavy debate, to move while the mind tries to resettle.  Only, for each step that I take, the canvas around us fills with those echoes of my past lives, painted in bleeding watercolors that fade quickly in our wake. Continue reading “Chapter VII: Vestiges”


He-he… Okay, that was a naughty play on words, but sex isn’t the only thing that brings you that feeling of utter relaxation and mindless bliss.  Sometimes, it’s just the release of all the stress and frantic running that grinds us down during the holidays, making the day after feel so….ahhhhhhhh.  There’s no more rushing,Continue reading “Afterglow”

Structured Chaos

In an attempt to be more structured in my writing, or perhaps just a teensy bit more organized, I’m trying to create an all-in-one, generic form for Character Bios.  I’ve seen a few other author-created templates floating about online, but none of them meet the criteria I need.  Some are so in-depth, they even askContinue reading “Structured Chaos”

Inspired Questions

The Instigator asked me once if I’d ever written a character that scared the hell out of me.  Like, shaking, stomach-turning-because-you-didn’t-know-you-had-it-in-you-and-now-you’re-questioning-your-own-sanity kind of frightened.  That has to be one of the most interesting questions anyone’s ever asked me about my writing.  Can you guess what my answer was?  Ha! Of course!  My guys might goContinue reading “Inspired Questions”

One Step Closer

Today, the wonderful Marketing Director at my publisher gave me the green light to add the cover art and publication blurb for my upcoming book, The Zen Lounge, to my blog.  I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to see the cover of a book you’ve spent countless hours, days, weeks, months –Continue reading “One Step Closer”

Enter the Prey…

MILD ADULT CONTENT/LANGUAGE WARNING Excerpts subject to change, without notice, at the crazy author’s discretion: “What do you want?” Sahara shot stupidly, a knee-jerk reaction uttered in self-defense. Grinning, he took his time looking back up at her from under thick lashes.  “Is there a limit?” He countered, his rich voice sending naughty shivers downContinue reading “Enter the Prey…”

Dissecting Demons

Creatively, of course… Currently, I’m methodically exploring the inner workings of two of my favorite demons: Dmitri and Sebastian (aka The Sadistic Bastard and The Golden God of Temptation).  I actually finished a short, extremely diluted version of their story about two years ago to submit to a publisher – who shall not be namedContinue reading “Dissecting Demons”