$10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway & Excerpt “Pete Sebastian, Coach” by: Jean C. Joachim!

♥ BOOK INFORMATION ♥ TITLE – Pete Sebastian, Coach SERIES – First & Ten AUTHOR – Jean Joachim GENRE – Sports Romance PUBLICATION DATE – June, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 66,000 words – 220 pages PUBLISHER – Secret Cravings Publishing COVER ARTIST – Dawne Dominique ♥ BOOK SYNOPSIS ♥ Pete Sebastian, Coach Bass toContinue reading “$10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway & Excerpt “Pete Sebastian, Coach” by: Jean C. Joachim!”

Prompts, Failure & Football

Hey, look at that, it only took me 15 days to fail NaBloPoMo! Whoops.  Well, in all honesty I did write a post yesterday in response to the Daily Prompt, but I couldn’t bring myself to publish it.  I wasn’t having a very good day yesterday and it just didn’t turn out to be somethingContinue reading “Prompts, Failure & Football”

Wild Words Wednesday

I’m extraordinarily excited that it’s the 1st of October! Perhaps, because this month signifies the Fall Season far more nostalgically than September or November for me.  Or perhaps, because it is now officially one month until the release of The Zen Lounge.  Either way, I’m brimming with energy this morning. To add even more zestContinue reading “Wild Words Wednesday”

Share Your World – Week 8

Busy schedule today, which is perfect for another one of Cee’s Q&A’s.  Twelve years ago I stopped having kids, but apparently I’m still required to actually throw them each a party every year to celebrate – go figure.  So, on the run to grab cake and ice cream, hang up decorations and do another runContinue reading “Share Your World – Week 8”