Stars aloft

Stars alight

I wish all day

I dream all night

To kill that bastard

Oh, delight!

To kill him dead, just for spite.

⚔️ ~

Originally posted February 14, 2014

Was that my ode to Valentines day? Your guess is as good as mine, I can barely recall my motives from five minutes ago, let alone 3 years. LOL However, anyone who’s ever attempted to play Alice: Madness Returns can surely feel my homicidal pain. I still haven’t beaten that game!


inFAMOUS Second Son ★ A Review


Why yes, that is the Space Needle you see in the background, thank you for noticing. Do you know how awesome it is to play a game set in your home territory? Awesome! And long overdue, since Sucker Punch Productions is based in Bellevue, just outside of Seattle. It was also a huge surprise, considering inFAMOUS was set in the fictional Empire City (based on New York), and inFAMOUS 2 was set in the equally fictitious city of New Marais (fashioned after New Orleans). However, the Seattle in Second Son is not the real Seattle, but I won’t spend all post pointing out the differences. Though I was sad not to see the famous red Pike Place Market sign in the game’s skyline, it was still a total blast to play…twice.

Who, What, When, Where and Why?


inFAMOUS 2’s Cole MacGrath vs. inFAMOUS Second Son’s Delsin Rowe’s Karma

Just like its predecessors, Second Son is a Karma based game (this is why we play it twice). There is the Infamous (evil) game play and the Hero (good) game play, only Sucker Punch one-upped their own style and added a few more ways your choices affect cut scenes and the way your interactions go with friends and family. That was a nice touch.

The title Second Son seems to apply not only to the fact that we’re now playing a whole new character, but a whole new kind of conduit. It’s also a nod toward the original inFAMOUS, which dealt with the secret society, the First Sons, though this is never referenced or mentioned throughout the entire 3rd installment.


Delsin’s first weapon of destruction

Who: Delsin Rowe, a much younger and more carefree protagonist than Cole MacGrath, who was always broody and, albeit hot for a game character, needed to stress less. Delsin is pretty much a juvenile delinquent that likes to tag, has funny comebacks and is a member of the Akomish. Washington has 29 federally recognized Native American Tribes, we’re a state overflowing with tribal culture, traditions, art, namesakes (why no one can pronounce our cities or towns) and not a single one of them is the Akomish. This is a made up name – but, with real tribes like the Snohomish, Suquamish, Samish and Skokomish, I suppose Sucker Punch found it a plausible – if not more phonetically appealing – name, without risking possible legal issues.

What: Brooke Augustine (referred to only as Augustine) and her government-sanctioned D.U.P. (Department of Unified Protection) idiots.
When: 7 years after Cole’s final chapter in New Marais.
Where: Salmon Bay and Seattle, Washington

Why: Conduits are now labeled as Bio-Terrorists and treated as such by the government and populace with equal prejudice and fear. In short, an escaped convict tries to use Delsin as a human shield, but Delsin ends up leeching his powers just by touching him, thus revealing himself as a conduit…er, bio-terrorist. When Delsin can’t answer any of Augustine’s questions, she reveals herself as an evil conduit and uses her ability to render most of his tribe incurably injured. This happens, regardless if you choose to turn yourself in (good) or sacrifice the tribe (evil). Despite NO conduit ever having the ability to wield more than one power on their own, Delsin has the brilliant idea that he can leech Augustine’s powers, too and save his people. In other words, it was in the script, so we’re off to Seattle…



A lot of the inFAMOUS features we love (just me?) are carried over into Second Son. Again, you’re given the choices between good or evil reactions/actions at just about every turn. A plethora of side missions (colored red for evil, blue for good or yellow for neutral/D.U.P. related) make your trek through an enormous city far less daunting – especially, given there are no grind-wires between rooftops like Cole always got to use. You spend a lot of time chasing down ‘blast shards’ which are now inside of little drone helicopters all over the city, so you can improve your powers and take in the scenery.


The graphics were amazing, and I was so happy this game was available on the PS4 despite originally coming out for the PS3.


One of my favorite features (psychiatrists will have a field day with this) was the ability to completely destroy most of the D.U.P.’s structures, barricades and walls all over the city. Have I ever mentioned that I’m not a fan of the color yellow? No, you don’t get extra cool points, it’s just fun! Another add-on not featured before was the ability to ‘unlock’ different jackets for Delsin to wear. Whattaya think? I might have to get this one below in my size.


The absolute #1, best feature of this 3rd inFAMOUS installment, was the fact that Delsin was right – he is special – and has the ability to leech multiple conduit’s abilities. inFAMOUS 2 kind of introduced this with the “Power Transfer Device” which Cole uses to gain the powers of either Nix or Kuo, depending on if you’re playing evil or good. SP kicked this WAY up a notch, introducing a total of 4 powers Delsin gets to have and switch between by the end of the game. Of course, Delsin’s smoke is going to be the main ability used the longest and upgraded the most. Even after playing the game all the way through twice, I never found any other ability as effective against defeating enemies faster, with less chance of dying, than when using Smoke. But, here’s a look at all 4:

Smoke, is the 1st ability Delsin gets thanks to the escaped bio-terrorist convict, Hank. Hank will play a larger role in the storyline later on, as well.

Neon, is the 2nd ability Delsin gets and the one you’ll use the most outside of smoke, if for nothing more than the ability to run faster than the speed of light through the city. Did I say grind wires between rooftops? Boooorrrriiiinnng! Del gets his neon ability from another escaped bio-terrorist who calls herself Fetch, though her real name is Abigail. First you have to catch and then defeat Fetch, before you can use her powers.

Video, is the 3rd ability Delsin gets and suddenly all of those satellite dishes atop every rooftop makes perfect sense! While it’s a little badass having digital angels and demons come to your rescue and the ability to fly, or feed yourself through the airwaves – it just wasn’t that effective of a power against enemies. Like with Fetch, Delsin has to first find, then defeat Eugene in order to gain his powers.

Concrete, is the final power Delsin gets and it is also at the very end of the game – so, if you finished all of the side missions prior to this, there’s really no reason to keep playing other than to see just how far you can upgrade your new abilities. While I liked the concrete better than the video, it still never became my go-to power when up against a swarm of D.U.P. soldiers and their merciless machine guns.


The annoying as hell sidekick: In InFamous, we had the insufferable chatterbox, Zeke, who was like a man-child unable to let go of his glory days, while simultaneously suffering from cock-envy. In InFamous 2, Zeke was far less annoying, but then we got sidled with Nix and Kuo, who were like the angel and devil on Cole’s shoulders – the living embodiments of his good and evil choices – but at least they were passionate and believable in their personalities.


In Second Son, your A.A.H.S. is Delsin’s older brother, Reggie – the sheriff for the Akomish – and about the most prejudiced character I’ve ever had to listen to for that many hours. All of the characters in S.S. were rather flat and didn’t evoke any emotion from me. Delsin at least had witty comebacks and when he goes evil, he doesn’t go halfway. The lack of characterization in this game was further amplified by the pathetic dialogue. There was no depth or even likeability – especially, for Reggie. That was just a bad character all around. I got more emotion out of the conversations we had to find the right signal to eavesdrop on from the faceless, nameless D.U.P. soldiers. Yes, that was another downside. I wish I could’ve made Delsin throw that damn walkie-talkie off the roof a thousand times.

Final Conclusion

Aside from the horrible dialogue and flat sub-characters, inFAMOUS Second Son was still a kick ass game that introduced many more conduit abilities and harder to beat enemies. Hell, even just defeating Fetch and Eugene – who end up becoming your friends – was extremely tough! I loved that the amount of side missions were both plentiful and different than inFAMOUS 1&2. The only one I didn’t care for that much was the tagging. It was just kind of a blahzay thing you had to do to clear the areas.

What did I miss? Believe it or not – I missed the public throwing rocks! LOL In inFAMOUS 1&2, if you were evil, you had to dodge bad guys AND mobs of pedestrians who would throw rocks at you, even as you were scaling buildings. In Second Son, they cheer and crowd around you when you’re good (so irritating when you’re trying to move fast) but they scream and run from you when you’re evil? C’mon, Sucker Punch! Where’s the passion?

With all that said, I’m not sure I would play another inFAMOUS installment, unless the character depth could be reintroduced into the storyline. Second Son was fun. inFAMOUS 1 & 2 were epic. Something got lost in between…

Currently Playing: Rise of a Tomb Raider slowly, but surely. So far, I’m on the fence…it’s bound to be an interesting review when I’m all done. 😉

All images were found on the internet and I do not own any rights to them, the story, game or characters mentioned in this post. No copyright infringement intended.


Throwback Thursday With a Twist

On this day, one year ago, I wrote this post Into the Darkside which talked about the different types of villains.  Today, I’d like to talk about the different types of heroes.  It used to be that heroes were set in stone in the romance genre.  They had to be benevolent, compassionate, understanding, well endowed and most importantly, suffering from ‘White Knight’ syndrome.  The ones that really made us vomit swoon, were those that could fight off a whole army single-handedly while spouting poetry!  I really do not miss those guys!

Nowadays when you pick up a romance novel, especially of the erotic variety, you’re more likely to get a hero with more baggage, scars, and possible bounties on their heads, than the heroine.  They’re still Alpha males, some even more so than their predecessors, but they’re gritty, vulgar, twisted and either emotionally cut off or just closed mouthed – as in, they don’t want to burden their girl with their garbage, thus tend to screw everything up, because they’re too afraid to share.  In other words, more realistic.

Of course, our heroines have seen their own evolution from damsels in distress to independent damsels in really bad situations they’re determined to get themselves out of, if only the hero would stop distracting them with their naughty charm, hawt bods and bad-boy attitudes!  Gaw, fer realz dude, can you just go away for a second?

So, the following are my views on the different types of Heroes in the modern romance era:

The Guy Next Door Hero


Cilla & Ford Sawyer from the Lifetime Movie “Tribute” based off the novel by Nora Roberts. RIP Brittany Murphy 😦 (Read the book! The movie was not the same!) image source: http://www.ew.com

Think Ford Sawyer from Nora Roberts’ novel Tribute (if you haven’t read it, dew it now).  He’s kind of handy, mostly  geeky, just as bashful as he is persistent.  His jokes can be cheesy, but his mind is quick and witty.  He’s always coming up with a new plan to get the heroine’s attention, which is either a complete disaster or absolutely charming.  He doesn’t have a lot of baggage, and usually gets along great with his family except for maybe that one cousin.  He loves kids, dogs and knows how to man a grill.  Everyone in town knows him and loves him, the heroine will have no choice but to fall for this guy, because let’s face it, there’s nothing about this hero that doesn’t absolutely rock in all of the best ways.  The sweet, steadily smoldering ways – oh and did I mention that all of that goofy, smiling, steak-maestro awesomeness is actually hiding a pornstar in bed?  Yeah… it’s always the quiet ones.

The Rustic / Cowboy Hero

Let’s face it, there is NOTHING this guy can’t do!  He can climb mountains, build shelters in the woods with his bare hands and survive by only his endless knowledge of the wilderness.  He can track, hunt, wrestle anacondas and perform better first aid than most EMT’s, with none of their supplies.  He’s the new model upgrade of MacGyver, he’s the Jason Bourne of the wild.  On a ranch, he is the master, the cattle bow at his boots at feeding time.  He wrestles steers with the same perfection he wrestles his cowgirl into bed – or into the hay, whichever!  He is never clumsy, never wrong, always consistent and sturdy – yet, never prepared for the one who’ll knock him out of his saddle and leave him begging for more.

The Serve & Protect Hero


image source: pinterest.com

Calling all Firefighters!  What’s not to love about these guys?  They have their own calendar for the love of Pete!  (I think Pete was April?) Anyway, these guys might be a little haunted, there might have been that one house fire they couldn’t get to in time that ended tragically, or they lost someone in a fire, which is what inspired them to run down to the local station and volunteer.  Nine times out of ten, they come from a long line of firefighters, it’s a family thing.  They’re honorable and loyal to a fault, and come with an entire group of friends their love interest has to adopt like an extended family.  They’re the beer-chugging, sport’s loving, hanging out at the local pub kind of guy that has ‘kicked back’ and ‘level-headed’ down to a science.  But they’re hawt and fearlessly driven and don’t take no for an answer in the pursuit of the one that catches their eye.


Mmm anyone remember him as Mason Lockwood? I sure do! image source: pinterest.com

Hellooooo, Mr. Police Officer.  Like their firefighter counterparts, these heroes are honorable and loyal, but their dedication runs in different directions.  They can also be far more haunted from the things they’ve seen out on the streets, dealing with the darker sides of humanity, the monsters that roam around with pretty faces.  They’re tenacious and highly intuitive, not much gets past their super cop senses.  They can be loners, just as easily as they can be family-oriented, but they have no qualms taking down one of their own that’s gone off the lawful path.  Justice is their single-minded pursuit, even after their love interest enters the picture.  They’re just as protective as they are guarded, hardheaded and closed-mouthed, they usually struggle with letting their love interest into their lives.

The Military Hero


image source: pinterest.com

There are two types of military hero, but no matter which branch he’s from, he’s usually got some memory haunting him.  The first type is the ever-loyal to his brother’s and sister’s in arms hero.  He still believes in the cause, may even be a war hero of some kind, though probably suffers from survivor’s guilt.  He might specialize in something, like flying medevac choppers or doing recon, but he’s a hero to just about everyone who knows him and when he finds his love interest, they’ll complete his life and give him the happiness and peace he needs to feel balanced.


Call of Duty: Ghosts (the gamer in me couldn’t resist) image source: pinterest.com

The second type of military hero is the Black Ops or some other elite military security one that doesn’t necessarily play by anyone’s rules.  He’s got ‘damaged goods’ written all over him.  There are horrors he can’t scrub out of his mind, no matter how many bottles of Jack he goes through, or how many successful ops he runs that actually saves lives, nothing will erase the ghosts of his past.  He’ll fight falling in love tooth and nail, because he doesn’t believe he deserves it and most of all, doesn’t want all of his sins tainting the perfection of his love interest.  He usually takes out all of his pain and aggression on some poor sap in an underground UFC arena and can withstand any amount of torture, because he’s already been there, done that and feels dead inside.  His love interest will save him from the murky abyss of his misery.

The Supernatural Hero


Demon Dean Winchester image source: pinterest.com

This hero can come from anywhere and from any mythos ever known to man.  He can be a demon or an angel, a vampire or a werewolf, can shift into a dragon or control peoples minds telepathically.  He’s a God or a demigod, an elemental spirit or the son of the boogieman.  There is no limit to what the supernatural hero can be or do, but he is undoubtedly right in the midst of a battle between good and evil that could possibly destroy the world as we know it, when he stumbles upon his love interest, who by some mythical force of nature is either his ‘mate’ or harbors some dormant supernatural gene that will ensure they end up together for all eternity.  If he’s a vampire, he’ll change his beloved, but only when their life is on the line, because he would never inflict someone he loves with his damned curse.  There are far too many variations to the supernatural hero to list them all, but one thing is usually typical with these guys and that’s that they kick major booty, have supremely gorgeous features and physiques, and usually have to deal with the trauma of their love interest being introduced to a supernatural world their brains are trying to deny being possible.

The Billionaire Hero


image source: pinterest.com

One of the most popular heroes in the erotic romance genre these days, he’s suave, arrogant, business savvy, filthy farkin’ rich and always gets what he wants, because… duh, he can afford it.  This hero has major trust issues, because everyone in his life is utterly shallow, so he’s emotionally closed off, but very active in his pursuit for pleasure.  Everything is done on his terms and he tends to be an adrenaline junkie.  He wants satisfaction frequently and quickly.  His love interest will be far off his normal type, though he’ll pursue them with the same tenacity he would pursue a much desired business transaction.  Usually, their heart will go to someone who comes from a completely different background and is able to give them something real, rather than more Botox-injected falseness, but it will take them awhile to trust any of it.  They’ve been scorned before and refuse to be suckered again.  On the other side, some billionaire heroes fall fast, but have no idea how to win their love interest over, because all of their typical tactics aren’t working.  Nine times out of ten, their beloved can’t be persuaded by fancy baubles or expensive dinners, they not only don’t care about their hero’s riches, they’re intimidated by it and would rather it not even be such an enormous division between them.

The Alien Hero


Hey, he’s an alien AND a superhero, every girl’s wildest dream… right? image source: answerbag.com

Like their villain counterpart, this is fairly self-explanatory, and about as endlessly diverse as the supernatural hero.  He comes from a planet not of our own and while humanoid in appearance – or even human by some science fiction explanation – he comes equipped with abilities and/or technology we measly Earthlings don’t have.  And he’s hawt, cuz it just wouldn’t be a romance novel if he wasn’t.

The Dominant Hero


Mmm… one of my personal favorites.  The Dom hero has nearly as many choices as the supernatural and alien heroes, because these guys tend to come from many different backgrounds and found themselves in the BDSM lifestyle for all different kinds of reasons. He may or may not carry the burden of some past scars, he may or may not be a billionaire, and he may or may not be a sadist.  The “bedroom only” Dom likes to add a little bondage and spanking to spice up his lover’s pleasure, but is otherwise a fairly typical guy during the rest of the story.

The Ultimate Dominant hero is the epitome of self-controlled, highly confident, eerily intuitive and wickedly creative.  He is in control of the situation at all times and lives by a strict list of rules and/or ethics he never breaks.  Despite his outward appearance, he still has a sense of humor and loves to laugh, but he lives for introducing his beloved to the kinkier sides of pleasure and amps “possessive” up to a whole new, non-negotiable level.  No matter how much they need to feel in control at all times, their heart usually goes to the one that makes them feel completely out of it.  They also have an arsenal of naughty tricks up their sleeves that they waste no time using against their prey ‘sub’ in order to ruin them for any future lovers.  Their pleasure knows no bounds and they know exactly how to use it as a weapon, just as much as a tool to get what they want.  But just any other hero, when they fall, it’s usually wrapped around their beloved’s heart and mind, more than their bodies.

And last, but not least:

The Villain Hero


Ex-con, jewel thief, pretend Sheriff, ex-Ukrainian mob thug, always blurring the lines between right and wrong… what’s not to love? Lucas Hood on Cinemax’s series: Banshee

Yes, the other side of the coin for the Hero Villain that I listed in my original post.  The Villain Hero is a genuine lost cause.  He has so many flaws, scars, emotional baggage, he is only one step lower than the second military hero described above, because he has done many, many horrible things that he’s either not proud of, or doesn’t care either way, because it was all part of his plot of vengeance for some greater crime committed against him or someone he loved.  And love is definitely not an emotion he believes in.  He knows he’s gonna go down swinging and he’s ready for it, but not until his plans have been completed.  He is on a mission and will do everything in his power to ignore, sidestep or get rid of his love interest, so they can’t distract him from his path.  His love interest will be one of two types: the one that is just as damaged as he is and they find some kind of solace in their missions together – or – the one that makes him uncomfortable with his own sins and offers him some kind of hope for redemption.  One way or another, the Villain Hero will alter his Devil May Care attitude and eventually allow himself the possibility for love, but every time he tries to do something right, it ends up being wrong, either by his own misstep or some outside force.  It’s a long, treacherous road ahead for this ragged hero.

Well, there it is folks, my take on the modern romance hero.  I purposely left out the Historical Romance Hero, because I have no idea how those fellas have evolved over the decades, as I don’t typically read that genre, but anyone who’d like to leave their own description in the comments below are more than welcome!  Also, I apologize if I left out your personal favorite type of hero, but feel free to add him to the list!

No matter what your favorite hero’s type is, there’s one thing for certain: getting over a book boyfriend is such as hard thing to do!

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Lost Signal


Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt feels like a recurring theme for me lately, so I’ve decided to break the questions apart in order to inspect them each as personally and honestly as I can:

Have you ever had extended writers’ block?

What writer hasn’t?  Okay, I know that’s not making it personal.  So, the answer is yes.  Painfully, uncontrollably, frustratingly, yes.  Unfortunately, my creativity seems to be on vacation far more frequently than it’s at work and the length of the former always outlasts the length of the latter.  In fact, I’ve been experiencing a bout of writer’s block for the last week or so. Which leads us to the next part of the question…

How long did it last?

Months.  Literally months upon months.  Those are the worst times.  When I’m lucky, it will only last a few weeks or less.  Sadly, I’m typically not that lucky, but I have been attempting to correct that issue by applying those ‘tools’ others advise to use or claim to work for them.  I’ve even gone so far as having my kids choose words for me to use in some way on my blog, whether it be in a poem or short story, anything to try and kick-start that inspiration back into working order again.  So, now we’re left with the last part of this question…

What did you do to break out of it, and do you have tips for other bloggers?

The best way to explain my version of hell writer’s block is that it’s like the cell tower to my creativity goes down, causing the signal to my brain to completely drop.  Not only do I lose my ability to connect words together into a decent sentence, I lose my drive to.  My desire to.  I will sit and stare at my computer screen like a brainless zombie, absolutely no activity going on upstairs.  No sparks firing through the old lobes to assist in my dilemma.

I’m still trying to figure out how to ‘break’ out of it, as it were.  In all honesty, I generally just have to wait it out.  Wait for that invisible crew to get the cell tower back up and running again.  Inspiration will come slowly or in one, powerful burst.  I guess it just depends on that blasted signal.  As such, I don’t really have any tips for other bloggers, only a few things I do to try and put a rush on the process:

♠ Read.  I will use my writing downtime as an excuse to get caught up on my reading, because I’m always behind on it. Sometimes, I get lucky, and reading will cause inspiring ideas about my own books to start forming in my mind.  When I can’t wait to finish a book in order to start applying those ideas to my own, I know I’m in a good place.

Blog Daily.  Even when I’m not participating in NaBloPoMo, I still try to blog every single day.  Even if it’s just to complain about having writer’s block, at least I’m writing something!

♣ Take Advantage.  Rather than stressing about not being able to write, I use the time off to get caught up on other things I enjoy (or that desperately need my attention, like housework!) I hang out with friends, get my holiday lists together, read that mail that’s been piling up in the ‘it can wait’ bin…   If you have other hobbies, like painting, drawing, needlework, etc., then try to relax into one of those.  Who knows, maybe those other things will help inspire you faster than staring at the cursor blinking on your story’s document like a ticking time bomb mocking your every attempt to think coherently.

Or if you’re a gamer, like me, you might even enjoy turning the old PS3 on and blowing stuff up to work some of those frustrations out in a non-destructive manner.  Plus, it’s just plain fun and writing is work.  Life can’t be all work and no play, even creatively.

Nate? Lara? Gaming Quiz Answers!

Welcome to week 2 of my gaming segment!  Here are the answers for last week’s quiz:

1. b) Emily RoseElenaFisherEmilyRose

2. d) None of the above – Pandora’s Box was found by our favorite sassy archaeologist in Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life the movie, starring Angelina Jolie and Gerard Butler, but has never been a relic in any of the games.Angelina&Gerard

3. a) Audrey Parker on Haven (a SyFy original based on Stephen King’s novel “The Colorado Kid”) – Nathan Wuornos is both her professional partner and the love of her many, endless lives!Haven1

4. c) Hephaestus, Atlas, Neptune, Damocles – Hephaestus replaced Thor in TR:Anniversary, thank goodness! Since one made lightning with a hammer and the other wielded a hammer to create storms, that was a far better choice than Zeus, as many have suggested – but, seriously guys?  Why are we still using Neptune rather than Poseidon?  I think Lara knows her Pantheons and would’ve noticed that, unlike her creators… TR-Atlas

5. c) SS – When Nate finally makes it to the remains of Karl Shäfer’s expedition, that is one of the first things he notices… along with the fact that they’d all been shot point-blank in the head.  Shäfer asks him if he can understand why he had to kill them, to keep that kind of power out of the hands of the Nazis…Shafer

6. b) Australia – I just think the game developer’s are having a hard time getting Lara to shoot Kangaroos, Koalas or Emu’s…but I agree, there are PLENTY of other EXTREMELY poisonous and deadly creatures to choose from down under.australia

7. c) Water – It was Charlie who went crazy, hallucinating from a poisoned dart, not Nate.  It’s not an official Bromance until you’ve had your first fist fight… awww…  Charlie&NateFight

8. a) Charles Darwin – The dead sailor had been a member of the famous Voyage of the HMS Beagle that had led Darwin to co-author the world’s introduction to the new theory of Evolution by Natural Selection with his peer Alfred Russell Wallace.darwin

9. d) None of the above – Sully and Nate first met in Colombia, where they were both after the same two relics belonging to Francis Drake.YoungNate1 YoungNate2

10. c) Zip, Alister, Winston vs. Hillary, Bryce, Kosa – I like Hillary as her butler/man-servant a lot better than Winston, who makes Bruce Wayne’s Alfred look like a spry 20 year old (and who gave me the creeps in the first 3 TR games!  The moaning and rattling of that tray, ugh!)  Bryce and Alister run equally lacking in the common sense department, but not so much in personal habits… The difference between Kosa and Zip are the largest, as Zip is a constant companion of Alister in the games and Lara’s major tech guy, whereas Kosa only appears in TR: The Cradle of Life for the last part of the movie and is more like an old acquaintance that will only be around if Lara has need of him.Zip,Winston,Alister Bryce&Hillary Kosa

Stick around fellow gamers, your new quiz will be up eventually…

Nate? Lara? A Little Help Here…

All right, time for a little gaming quiz to break up the monotony!  The title indicates which games we’re focusing on this week, next week it will be entirely different (depending on how successful this post is).  I’d say don’t cheat and Google/Bing the answers, but I’m talking to gamers.  The inventors of game cheats & walk throughs, so, carry on…

Now for our quiz…

1. Who does the voice for Elena Fisher in the Uncharted Series?

a) Rosalind Ayres
b) Emily Rose
c) Claudia Black
d) None of the above

2. In which Tomb Raider game does Lara Croft discover the secret location to Pandora’s Box?

a) Tomb Raider: Anniversary
b) Tomb Raider: Legends
c) Tomb Raider III
d) None of the above

3. The answer to #1 is an actress on a TV series that also partners her with a romantic interest named Nathan… She is ______ on ______.

a) Audrey Parker on Haven
b) Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill
c) Sophie Devereaux on Leverage
d) None of the above

4. In search of the Scion of Atlantis, Lara Croft finds herself (among other places) under St. Francis’ Folly, where each difficult to reach puzzle room is dedicated to which four Gods?

a) Zeus, Neptune, Damocles, Thor
b) Apollo, Thor, Damocles, Poseidon
c) Hephaestus, Atlas, Neptune, Damocles
d) None of the above

5. In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Nate is rescued and brought to a Tibetan village to recover from his injuries.  There he meets a guy named Schafer who’d once gone on the same expedition as Nate with members of this notorious group:

a) MI6
b) Illuminati
c) SS
d) None of the above

6.  Lara Croft is known for globe trotting and has been to just about every location on Earth, but has never spent any game time here:

a) Ghana
b) Australia
c) Italy
d) None of the above

7. In Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, what makes Nate go crazy with hallucinations?

a) A relic
b) A poisoned dart
c) Water
d) None of the above

8. In Tomb Raider III, the RX Tech researchers are using the journal from a dead sailor for clues to find the ancient meteorite artifacts.  What famous explorer had the sailor been linked to?

a) Charles Darwin
b) Francis Drake
c) James Cook
d) None of the above

9. Sully is always with Nathan Drake and is well known for being his long standing mentor and friend, but in what country did they first meet when Drake was merely 15 years old?

a) El Salvador
b) Cuba
c) Bolivia
d) None of the above

10. Speaking of long standing mentors and friends, Lara Croft has her own personal selection, but they differ between games and movies.  Find the right combination for both:

a) Wilson, Alex, Kosa vs. Hillary, Zip, Alister
b) Alister, Winston, Zip vs. Hillary, Bryce, Alex
c) Zip, Alister, Winston vs. Hillary, Bryce, Kosa
d) None of the above

Good Luck, and I will post the Answers next Sunday with a whole new quiz!  🙂

Wherever You Lead, I Will Follow

read-booksToday’s Daily Prompt is asking about obsession.  Wanting to know if there’s anything that captivates our attention like no other.

As with my writing, my creative bug likes to roam from place to place; a Gypsy’s restlessness that stems Paintingback to my childhood when the phrase “I’m bored” was greeted with a day of laborious cleaning house or landscaping.  My siblings and I learned real quick to keep ourselves busy, so that dreaded boredom wouldn’t set in and land us on mom and dad’s workforce radar.


The habits were formed, so that even to this day, I am never bored.  I have several projects always waiting for me to get back to them – and this is where my nomadic creativity comes in.  Like my brain decides which story it wants to work on, so does it become obsessed with a particular hobby and/or project.

Curr2013-04-11-gamerently, I’m in a gaming obsession alongside my writing.  One day, I will wake up and I won’t feel like gaming.  I’ll become obsessed with genealogy research again, and so on and so forth.  When I’m in the mood for something, it is very much an obsession, until it burns itself out.  Then I abandon that project and move onto the next thing my brain becomes singularly captivated with.

The unfortunate downside to this kind of habit, is that I hardly ever finish anything.  Maybe someiStock_book_typewriter_writing day I will stop fearing having nothing to do and actually complete a project.  At least I finally started finishing my books.  That only took me a couple of decades, so there’s hope, right?