Whaddaya Mean I’m Not Superwoman?

It’s painful to admit that I think I’ve reached the end of my multitasking capabilities. Everyone’s lives are busy and we all juggle overflowing plates–but to those who can be mom/dad, work full time, keep house, be rushed through back-to-back edits while battling a nasty head cold bent on destroying our planet and still findContinue reading “Whaddaya Mean I’m Not Superwoman?”


It wasn’t like she was deliberately tactless.  She simply never lied, even for ego’s sake.  Flattery and false pretenses never crossed her mind, so once pointed out, the debate ensued regarding their true necessity.  But her impatience for such topics was that thing unmovable… Aleksi’s eyes were the cesspools of his depravity, always pushing onContinue reading “Impromptu”