New Release ♥ Hers, Unbroken by Anna Adler!

Title: Hers, Unbroken Author: Anna Adler Genre: SciFi Erotic Romance Release Date: June 15, 2018 DESCRIPTION: Chase Decker wants to be enslaved. Holly Danek wants to set him free. Is it possible for both of them to get their wish? Ever since Chase heard about Silenia, he wanted to go there. A planet where human-alienContinue reading “New Release ♥ Hers, Unbroken by Anna Adler!”

The Hot Seat 🔥 Jax

Greetings and welcome to my very first interview on The Hot Seat! This is a brand new program where I get to take our favorite Heroes and Heroines and put them in the hot seat for some much desired insights and a bit of fun trivia. Results are bound to vary! My first guest is JaxContinue reading “The Hot Seat 🔥 Jax”

Chapter Reveal ☆ Hers, Untamed by Anna Adler!

Title: Hers, Untamed Author: Anna Adler Release Date: May 31st ☆ Chapter 1 ☆ “Please take a seat, Ms. Cressfield. Your guide will be with you shortly.” Alyssa plopped into the armchair and accepted the courtesy cup of organically farmed coffee, which on this planet cost more than a month’s salary. Happy birthday to me!Continue reading “Chapter Reveal ☆ Hers, Untamed by Anna Adler!”