‘Twas the Night Before…

I really hate it when you don’t realize you’re missing important menu items for Christmas dinner until AFTER all of the stores are closed for Christmas Eve!  Grr…. Ah well… I guess we’ll just have to compromise without any dinner rolls.  My mom started a tradition several years ago with a quick, delicious recipe she’dContinue reading “‘Twas the Night Before…”


Last minute Christmas shopping between 9-10 p.m. rocks – and that’s done!  Now I get to spend all day tomorrow wrapping before the last of our family holiday get-togethers at my Uncle’s house (YAY, an open bar!) 😀 But, I’ve been a bad, baaad blogger.  This is this first time I’ve posted anything in 3Continue reading “Whu-oh”


Numbered faces, needle nosed Tick-a-Tock in Bric-à-Rose Sentry spy, marvels unwind Costumed guests and dancing mimes Welcome to my party, stay A moon shed Noon, a Darkened Day I am but your Overlord Empress humbled, Queen Discord Sugary cakes are piled high Towers of treats from your divine Wine doth pour from porcelain pots Metal-Punk,Continue reading “Holi’Darkened’Day”