HAPPY NEW YEAR WOW!!! (World of WordPress… hehehe) First, I really hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Ours was great, hectic, fun and then I got a little stomach bug right afterward, or I would’ve been back sooner.  I do have an exciting announcement, though, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that everyone’sContinue reading “ONE DAY BLITZ STARTS TOMORROW!!!”

Winters Deep

(an Ode to Yule) Dry the berries and pop the corn There’s boughs of Pine hung to adorn In darkening days and snow felled form Melted candles and hearths doth warm The harvest is stored and meat be cured Our long laboring days have granted award Of Holiday so loving and blessedly shared We forgiveContinue reading “Winters Deep”

A Fear of Reading?

Have you ever stopped reading a book, because you were afraid of what was going to happen next? I can’t recall if I’ve ever experienced this situation before. I started reading this book (won’t name names. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else) awhile ago and can’t seem to bring myself to pickContinue reading “A Fear of Reading?”

Still Here!

I haven’t dropped off the face of the planet, honest.  I’ve actually been writing! Yay! I’m just horrible about splitting my focus, but I’ll try to get back into the swing of blogging more often soon. The kids and I spent our weekend decorating for the holidays and catching up on some movies, so withoutContinue reading “Still Here!”


He-he… Okay, that was a naughty play on words, but sex isn’t the only thing that brings you that feeling of utter relaxation and mindless bliss.  Sometimes, it’s just the release of all the stress and frantic running that grinds us down during the holidays, making the day after feel so….ahhhhhhhh.  There’s no more rushing,Continue reading “Afterglow”

Let The Party Begin!

T.G.I.F.F.F.E.  (That’s Great, It’s Friday For Freaking Ever!)  Seriously, that’s what it’s going to feel like here in 3 days, when my kids don’t go back to school come this Monday OR the Monday after that!  When the boredom and cabin fever sets in after all of the holiday parties are over and presents unwrapped. Continue reading “Let The Party Begin!”

No, Thank You!

I resolved awhile ago to stop making New Year’s Resolutions.  Why set myself up for failure?  Life has that well enough in hand without any help from little ol’ me.   Instead, I try to make both yearly and shorter-term goals, with the acceptance that shit happens, so if they don’t get done, it wasn’t meantContinue reading “No, Thank You!”