Midnight Melodrama

It’s 13 minutes past the Witching Hour and I feel the pull of something profound trying to claw its way out of me, but my lexicon was never destined to be that extraordinary.  I find joy in simplicity, the way most find passion in vomiting excessively flounced-up adjectives.  I’m too lazy to wade through theContinue reading “Midnight Melodrama”

Hell Hath No Fury

Today’s prompt sounded fun.  Kind of a comic book appeal to the idea of eliminating or altering some annoying natural occurrence, like gravity.  No gravity would mean that no one could ever fall and get hurt, and when you got older… you know, everything would stay where it’s supposed to be.  I wanted to knowContinue reading “Hell Hath No Fury”

The Golden Rule

Thanks, Daily, but I already believe in Karma.  Science doesn’t need to prove it – people just need to pay closer attention and they, too, would see it for themselves.  The tricky thing about Karma, is that there’s no time frame for when it will strike – good or bad.  Things happen as they shouldContinue reading “The Golden Rule”