Saturday Sass No. 3

Voryk turned to see Nexlana studying the richly felted billiard table. “It’s called pool,” he answered, crossing to her. “Would you like to try?” Smiling up at him, Nex nodded. […] “You don’t want to learn this game from him,” […] “Oh, good, you rack then,” Voryk countered with his own dark smile. Hilo did,Continue reading “Saturday Sass No. 3”

Saturday Sass

Favorite time of the week… oh, wait, that’s just about always! 😀 I know I’ve mentioned only a few hundred times, that I absolutely love nothing more than a book that can make me LOL for realz.  I try to incorporate that same humor into my own novels, but not everyone shares the same senseContinue reading “Saturday Sass”


Are you the funny one in most groups? Um, no.  That would be everyone else.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my spectacular moments and I speak sarcasm fluently, but I am not the funniest one in my group.  Most would say I have a dry sense of humor that’s not always appreciated.  My friendsContinue reading “ROFLMFAOWC”

To My Beloved Characters Redux+

To My Beloved Characters, Know this… I hold the pen.  I will have you offed.  It will hurt like hell.  It will be bloody and long.  It will incorporate all of your worst fears and darkest nightmares, because I know what they are.  I am the Overlord of your Darkside, you little twit, so stopContinue reading “To My Beloved Characters Redux+”

It’s All In The Name

“I want the last name Hooker.  Not like T.J. Hooker, but like 4th & K…” My sister and I have been guffawing all morning, as we’re slowly wading through the 1700-1800 archives, probate records and inventory lists, Wills and Census reports.  You have to wonder if it was sheer boredom or just twisted senses ofContinue reading “It’s All In The Name”

Literate May Be A Stretch

Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them? Cedar Sunday Phone (Dear Smart Phone): Awe, did i swipe too fast for you? Well, too bad! Yes, i am that birch that thinks thatContinue reading “Literate May Be A Stretch”

Happy Anniversary!

Apparently, today is my and WordPress’s 1 year anniversary.  I’m a horrible blogger.  I didn’t get WP anything!  Not even a card.  Would Hallmark cover this kind of relationship, I wonder?  I mean, it seems like any other kind of relationship.  It takes time, patience, dedication and loyalty to successfully navigate the ins and outs,Continue reading “Happy Anniversary!”

I Wish I Had That Bumpersticker!

Yep, it’s time for another bumper sticker from yours truly.  Call it road rage therapy.  You’re actually helping me.  Thanks! 😉 And remember, if you’d like to see your own idea turned into a lovely piece of art like this (cough) then just message me at and I’ll post it for ya! Happy SundayContinue reading “I Wish I Had That Bumpersticker!”

Share Your World – Week 15

I wasn’t feeling the Daily Prompt today, so I thought I should probably do a Share Your World, since I haven’t done one in quite some time.  By the way, if you haven’t visited for awhile, you should go check out Cee’s new blog page, it’s nice!  Okay, here are the Q&A’s for week 15…Continue reading “Share Your World – Week 15”