OMG, Those Eyes!

Ever realize how the eyes are not only the first thing you notice in person, but the most frequently repeated feature in literature, especially of the Romance/Erotica variety?  I’m so guilty of doing that.  I can’t help it. Not only do I have a light eye fetish, but aside from facial expressions and body language,Continue reading “OMG, Those Eyes!”

It’s Show Time!

Seriously, I have a problem…   I can’t seem to stop rooting for the not-so-good-guys… …(Or the not-so-good-girls!) Wait a second… there isn’t a single ‘good’ person on Banshee, so I guess I’m rooting for the whole damn cast! And of course I watch the Game of Thrones, but that cast is just confusing.  EveryoneContinue reading “It’s Show Time!”