Dear Indie ♥ New Resource Post

So… October 7th was my 3 year Blogaversary with WordPress. They went out of their way to get me a trophy badge and I not only failed to get them anything – again – but completely spaced on the date. I think this might be how divorces happen, I’m not sure. Of course, I’m surprisedContinue reading “Dear Indie ♥ New Resource Post”

I Wish I Had That Bumpersticker!

Hey, have you ever been driving along and saw a bumper sticker you liked, but thought you could make it better, or have a funnier/better response to some of them?  How about wishing you had a bumper sticker that would tell that jerk riding your tailpipe exactly how you felt??? Well, I don’t know howContinue reading “I Wish I Had That Bumpersticker!”