Dear Indie | Writing Male Characters Part 1: Why I Love It

Hi Indies! My next stop for covering character development articles is a lot less popular than writing female characters. I think this boils down to two reasons: 1) Not all authors write from the male character’s point of view, and 2) Surprisingly, most female authors are better at writing male POVs than female POVs. GoContinue reading “Dear Indie | Writing Male Characters Part 1: Why I Love It”

To The Strongest Woman I Know

Mom, Have I ever told you what a remarkable person you are? I should have said it long before now. You should know how unique and outstanding you truly are. I want you to set aside everything that brings you doubt, and listen to what I have to say. I love you and though youContinue reading “To The Strongest Woman I Know”

So, I’m Being a Snob

I do feel that I’m being a little naggy, but where do you – as a blogger, reader, writer, reviewer – draw the line?  I like supporting other authors, whether they’re represented, Indie or both.  There are just some things that I cannot bring myself to post.  Does that make me a snob?  I’m sureContinue reading “So, I’m Being a Snob”

Expression IS Art. Period.

Just yesterday I confessed to some of the ways I like to express myself, but the art of writing will always be my first and favorite form of expression.  Who doesn’t see their moods reflected in their craft?  Whether it’s a poem, a short story or even just a quirky quote, one’s feelings come throughContinue reading “Expression IS Art. Period.”