“Be careful, Catherine. Your hands are tied.” Cat sucked in a hiccuping sob and fought the shiver of his deliberate words. He meant both literally and figuratively. “Do you know why your hands are tied, Catherine?” “Because I…” she managed around a sob. “Chose for them to be, Sir?” “That’s right,” he praised. “You choseContinue reading “Hands”


“Rochi,” she stated confidently. “I did it.” “No,” Rochelle exhaled. “Is it up on the site now? I wanna see it!” “Yes, but it’s not finished,” Cat admitted… “And it doesn’t matter. I have a date on Wednesday at 2:30 for coffee.” “Shut the fuck up!” Rochelle steamed. “Already?! How the fuck?” “I messaged aContinue reading “Acceptance”


“There are other reasons to touch, Sida.” “Exactly,” she countered. “And those are the reasons why we’re not. I need to rescue my people, not get off.” Dakaron moaned miserably, as he stepped out of the room. “I would love nothing more than to get you off. You simply need to learn that you canContinue reading “Intercommunication”


“Should we hug now?” Zach asked about five minutes later. “I feel like we should hug now.” “I have four loaded weapons within reach,” Matt answered. Zach looked around and then gave him a quizzical expression. “Where’s the fourth one?” “See this button right here?” Matt hovered his thumb over the switch on the steeringContinue reading “Equality”


Raife couldn’t keep from laughing, which only caused her face to flush angrily. A bonus for him, really. “Sweetheart, you more than just like me,” he reminded her. “And secondly, you slept in my bed last night, so whatever haughty morals you’re trying to portray have already gone right out the window.” “Prisoner,” Nessara gnashedContinue reading “Perspective”


“You look like shit.” Hilo looked up at him, his brows rising slightly in emphasis. “Pot calling the kettle, pal.” “How much of that Cognac did you drink?” Voryk asked. “Enough that I should not, under any circumstance, condition or natural law of physics, be coherent or conscious at this moment.” The Zen Lounge A.C.Continue reading “Inebriated”

“Police! Open Up!”

“How did we not hear any of this upstairs?” Sahara asked in awe over the loud, brassy number the redhead onstage was gyrating her hips to. Noise was everywhere, from the din of voices at the bar, to the slot machines lining the walls on the open second level. The catcalls, whistles and creative suggestionsContinue reading ““Police! Open Up!””

A Matter of Trust?

I’m admittedly completely lost when it comes to navigating Twitter.  I’m still fresh out the shell, getting my sea legs, floundering about the realm of hashtags and Tweet trends.  It seems like everyday I find something new and interesting. Today it was actually via Goodreads from an author I follow there.  A challenge titled theContinue reading “A Matter of Trust?”