#SongLyricSunday |Double Play

It’s #SLS time again, so hop over to Jim’s blog, A Unique Title For Me, by following the theme link below and check out all of today’s song choices. This week’s theme is: Lost | Found | Hide | Seek I have two this week, both favorites of mine that have been in my musicContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday |Double Play”

#SongLyricSunday ♪ “Not My Time” – 3 Doors Down & “Castle of Glass” – Linkin Park

I was too busy stuffing my face with corn beef, cabbage, taters, carrots, biscuits and brownies last weekend to remember to schedule my post, so I’m making up for it today. My bad, it was my sister’s birthday dinner and I was distracted with all the good eats and family fun. There may have beenContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♪ “Not My Time” – 3 Doors Down & “Castle of Glass” – Linkin Park”

#SongLyricSunday ♫ “Burn” – The Cure

I’ve got something up my sleeve for my newsletter subscribers, so keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of days. That has nothing to do with the SLS challenge this week, just wanted to throw that out there. This week’s theme is: Shadow I had 3 songs pop into my head all at once.Continue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♫ “Burn” – The Cure”

Triple Lyric Tuesday on Wednesday?

Yes, and I’m sorry for the delay, my friends. I was so swamped yesterday, I never got a chance to even glance at my laptop, let alone blog. So, I hope these lyrics, while late, are still enjoyed by all… “Fly me up on a silverwing, past the black where the sirens sing. Warm meContinue reading “Triple Lyric Tuesday on Wednesday?”