David Robert Ewan Alexandre Dunn How you carry the dead beyond their tragic end, and through the passages of time. Infused in your flesh, weighing your heart, they are the essence of your blood. Was it an unfair burden laid upon your innocent head, or an honor bearing pride? We have one thing in common,Continue reading “D.R.E.A.D.”

Dear Indie ♥ Weekly Resource Post

While emailing my good friend, Anna, I realized that I have yet to cover the most vitally important part of being an Indie author: Your work. At this point, it doesn’t matter where you are in your self-publishing journey, every single word you type is GOLD. Imagine that each sentence is a piece of merchandiseContinue reading “Dear Indie ♥ Weekly Resource Post”

FREE E-book Giveaway ♥ Into The Crossfire by: Cindy McDonald!

♥ BOOK INFORMATION ♥   TITLE – Into the Crossfire SERIES – First Force Series Book #1 AUTHOR – Cindy McDonald GENRE – Romantic Suspense, Romance, Military Romance, Black Ops PUBLICATION DATE – August 4, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 240 pages COVER ARTIST – Dawne Dominique ♥ BOOK SYNOPSIS ♥ It had been fourContinue reading “FREE E-book Giveaway ♥ Into The Crossfire by: Cindy McDonald!”

Chapter XI: My Companion Revealed

In the mere blink of an eye, the depot is replaced by an all-too familiar landscape.  Asphalt and dirt paths duck under trees throwing their darker, dead foliage all over the brilliant, green grass where rows of stone wait to be remembered.  Everything inside of me instantly shrivels, tries to shrink away from that whichContinue reading “Chapter XI: My Companion Revealed”