Meet the Character | The Meddler

Call me cupid. I’m not a sap, I just like seeing my friends so deep in the well, they can’t even tell they’re sinking. It’s that moment when it finally hits them that I get the biggest thrill. And I don’t mind taking in glory only I’m aware of while standing off stage; in theContinue reading “Meet the Character | The Meddler”

#SongLyricSunday ♫ “The Sweetest Taboo” by Sade

Happy Sunday! It’s time for SLS again, hosted by Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time. If you’d like to join in the fun or check out all of the other participating blogs to see what their weekly pick is, then follow the link to Helen’s page! This week’s theme is:Continue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♫ “The Sweetest Taboo” by Sade”

Help Unspoken

The woman has had a hard day.  One of those days where Murphy’s Law is in full affect.  Now, after a work day she thought would never end, she just wants to get dinner done so she can sit down and unwind.  Unfortunately, her luck isn’t any better at home.  The pasta’s boiling over, andContinue reading “Help Unspoken”

Happy Father’s Day!

I know it’s not Tuesday, but I think this song is perfect for today.  I’ve been blessed with three dad’s (biological, step & my BFF’s dad) all of whom I love and admire greatly and have helped shape the person I am today.  This song is about having that role model that might not beContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day!”

Chapter XI: My Companion Revealed

In the mere blink of an eye, the depot is replaced by an all-too familiar landscape.  Asphalt and dirt paths duck under trees throwing their darker, dead foliage all over the brilliant, green grass where rows of stone wait to be remembered.  Everything inside of me instantly shrivels, tries to shrink away from that whichContinue reading “Chapter XI: My Companion Revealed”

Cold Blooded Love

Ripples tremor, encasing flesh Under silver slide, razors curve I quake on scalpel’s edge Pierced so slowly, an adore Up cheek, down. I feel your breath Tightly bound, cradled doll In arms, in lap, so close Cold you stare, delighted Excited, grinned in awe Beating hard, hearts My ears feel all I cannot breathe, clutchingContinue reading “Cold Blooded Love”