Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

This month has been a sorrowful one for my family. On my birthday (12/12) we lost my grandma. We are gathered together today to celebrate the family we still have and to remember those who came before to teach us the importance of cherishing every moment. Not many can say they got to spend 40Continue reading “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!”

Feel Good Friday

I was recently discussing a homework assignment with one of my best friends for her English class. The topic was something along the lines of a meaningful memory. Of course, she’s like Spotify without the commercials–everything is a song–so it was no surprise she chose ♫♪ Music ♪♫ for her essay. While we were hashingContinue reading “Feel Good Friday”

Born Fearless

I remember being so fearless, I convinced the meanest, most stubborn mare in the world to let me ride her… bareback. (I think I just out-stubborned her).  I spent all my time barefoot, running at top speeds down gravel driveways, through pastures of wild daisies, eating Huckleberries and Blackberries right off the bush and conningContinue reading “Born Fearless”

Residual Haunting

I thought of you again. It happens every once in awhile.  You tip-toe into my head when I’m trying to sleep. Beckoning me from the haunted chambers of the past, into those inescapable musings of What If…? What if we’d… … done more than just kissed? Spoke the choking words imprisoned in locked gazes? StoppedContinue reading “Residual Haunting”

Once More, With Meaning!

When I was growing up, one of our many ‘moms’ used to get all arms-crossed over the chest-like if she asked us how we were doing, and we answered with the typical teenage sigh of “Fine.” You see, in her mind, Fine is an acronym for: Fucked up Insecure Neurotic and Emotional So, we weren’tContinue reading “Once More, With Meaning!”

Voting Option No. 1

Black and Blue Corners “Hey!” She called after him, heading in the opposite direction, her feet nearly tripped up.  A kind of OCD trying to take hold.  She merely picked up her pace.  “Hey, you!” Pausing, the man glanced over his shoulder, before coming to a stop.  Slowly, he turned to face her, but didn’tContinue reading “Voting Option No. 1”