Meet The Character | The Last Descendant

Everyone knows my story. It was a fucking blockbuster hit. But, they say truth is stranger than fiction. In my case, it’s just more depressing. No one would be applauding if they really knew all the things I’ve done; the accomplishments I let burn, and lives I destroyed when my own was in chaos. FireContinue reading “Meet The Character | The Last Descendant”


I haven’t done a post about movies in awhile, and that’s probably because I’m so far behind on them, my reviews are way older than yesterday’s news. But, I have watched a few lately that were actually released within the last five years. ūüėÄ While I try not have spoilers, some of these might haveContinue reading “#FridayFilmReview”

Top 10 Things I Learned From Watching Deadpool

  OMG, I’m FREE… for now. Just wrapped up excessive copy editing, so I’m looking forward to getting back to actually writing and Camp NaNo starting on Saturday! To celebrate, I’m going crazy fun with this post – which means, it’s not for kids. In fact, it’s not even for most adults, so here’s thatContinue reading “Top 10 Things I Learned From Watching Deadpool”

Behind the Scenes

In less than a month, I’ll be celebrating the launch of Avarice Unforgiving. This second installment in the Hell on Earth Series will pick up exactly where Avarice left off and delve deeper into the tangled predicaments my MC, Kami has found herself in…or gotten herself into! I thought it would be kind of funContinue reading “Behind the Scenes”

A Fear of Reading?

Have you ever stopped reading a book, because you were afraid of what was going to happen next? I can’t recall if I’ve ever experienced this situation before. I started reading this book (won’t name names. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else) awhile ago and can’t seem to bring myself to pickContinue reading “A Fear of Reading?”

Nate? Lara? A Little Help Here…

All right, time for a little gaming quiz to break up the monotony!¬† The title indicates which games we’re focusing on this week, next week it will be entirely different (depending on how successful this post is).¬† I’d say don’t cheat and Google/Bing the answers, but I’m talking to gamers.¬† The inventors of game cheatsContinue reading “Nate? Lara? A Little Help Here…”

The Age of Social Media

The Daily is asking: 500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she¬†learn about early-21st-century¬†humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff? Are you just trying to be nosy?¬† Okay, well, I don’t mind… after all, this is the Age of Social Media.¬†Continue reading “The Age of Social Media”