Meet The Character | The Last Descendant

Everyone knows my story. It was a fucking blockbuster hit. But, they say truth is stranger than fiction. In my case, it’s just more depressing. No one would be applauding if they really knew all the things I’ve done; the accomplishments I let burn, and lives I destroyed when my own was in chaos. Fire may have been the start, orphaning me as a man, after I’d already been orphaned as a newborn. I was a rising star in the art world, a successful painter with a wealthy patron and my own gallery on the Cornish Coast.

I’ve also been a thief from early on, honing my skills on the streets of London. Hobbies are a healthy break from the monotony, any expert will tell you that.

But, I went mental to the point of utter detachment, returning to lucidity with no recollection. I lost days, possibly weeks all in one go, painting nightmarish portraits of evil, obscene landscapes of blood and depravity. I lived on whiskey and a will that wasn’t my own; a marionette caught in the twisted strings of my feverish mind.

Therapy was a last, desperate attempt to claw my way out. Instead, I was pushed beyond the brink of madness and that’s where I found clarity. It can happen. You can go so crazy you come out sane again on the other side. But, it’s a different kind of sane. It’s the irrevocable death of your former self. I was reborn scarred, changed, unable to return to the life I’d known. I closed my gallery, packed all of my possessions into storage, and abandoned the only family I had left. A clean break. I can’t hurt the ones I love if I’m not there, if they don’t have to hear my voice over the phone reminding them of the damage already wrought.

Across the pond, I kept my skills honed in Vegas, while learning new, highly pleasurable ones and working as a strip-club bouncer. That’s where they found me, all the ones who would turn my life into something only ever seen in movies, setting me on the path to becoming a vampire, and a prince.

Albeit, a prince of Hollywood, but for Americans that’s the closest thing they’ve got to royalty. So, I walk the red carpet same as I’ve done for three years now. I smile for the cameras, as every flashing bulb hurls me back to a rainy afternoon in a London cemetery–and I hate every fucking minute of their repetitive questions.

They want to know if I’ll make another movie, if I’ll play the same role the way my costars have, and the answer is always, agonizingly yes. Legend Studios has a running series and we’re all contracted to fulfill our character obligations. Whatever Evelyn wants, Evelyn gets. She rules our existence; controls our fates. If she wants the vampire, the last descendant of the Order of the Dragon, then she gets him.

When I left England, it was never with the intention of forging kinships again, but the running joke of my life has cast two new brothers for me. Much like this version of sanity, my bond with them is different. My siblings back home were family without blood because we came up together. With Trystan and Dorian, it’s the brotherhood of soldiers fighting the same war, suffering the same tragedies and injustices. We have a common enemy, and she’s drug us across the fucking country to scout a new filming location.

A new movie can only mean one thing: our family’s in danger of getting bigger. My mates and I are on guard, watching Evelyn to see who she’s watching. Keeping track of those she takes a keen interest to. So far, she only seems focused in the filming site. At her request, I seek out the man with the answer on whether or not she gets to use it.

I already know it will be a cold day in hell before Evelyn takes no for an answer, regardless of what the man says, but I do as I’m told like the good soldier I’ve never been. The sexy brunette that runs smack into me in the parking lot is a thrilling, unexpected distraction. I can’t recall the last time I’ve felt this kind of intense chemistry straight off. Discovering that she’s the one with the answer I need doesn’t deter me from pursuing more than just a business deal.

And it’s dangerous, I know. I’m losing sight of the mission, taking my attention off the enemy for the much better view of golden-green eyes and a mouth made for sin. But, I ca’t help it, her ignorance is just as enticing as her clever humor and gorgeous body. She’s never heard of Legend Studios before, isn’t familiar with any of their movies.

Kallie’s got to be the only woman on earth who has no idea about who or what I am. She’s never seen the vampire, the last Dracul, and I’m in no hurry to change that. To her, I’m just Luke, the infuriatingly quick-witted, silver-tongued Brit that can’t get enough of seeing her all flustered and blushing.

And when she threatens to douse me with mace if I get too cheeky, it’s a challenge I simply can’t turn away from. The feisty little Historian is about to learn that I am a man of many skills.

~ Lucien Alexander Drake

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I haven’t done a post about movies in awhile, and that’s probably because I’m so far behind on them, my reviews are way older than yesterday’s news. But, I have watched a few lately that were actually released within the last five years. 😀 While I try not have spoilers, some of these might have very small infractions to that, but nothing that would ruin the movie, promise. Curtains, please!


Black Panther

Wakanda Forever! I know, I’m soooooo slow at catching up on movies, and this was one that I wanted to see soooooo freaking bad! And I finally did, like 3 times in a row! LOL I watched it by myself, then grabbed my youngest and was like “Watch this!” and then grabbed my oldest and was like “Watch this!” and it was just as awesome the third time as it was the first. Wow, I was blown away by the total change up of antagonists, and the back story to that was just…man, it’s so hard when you actually feel for the bad guy. I loved the way this movie’s plot played out and seeing actors I knew from some of my favorite shows like Sterling Brown, who had a recurring role on Supernatural for awhile and then seeing Angela Bassett play Queen Ramonda was totally badass, that role was so hers. This movie had everything you could ever want in ANY movie, but especially a superhero movie! “I never freeze.” LOL I could go on and on, but everyone’s probably already seen it a million times, so I better stop now. This is just making me want to go watch it again.


Deadpool 2

What can I say about our second assault from the Merc With A Mouth? Well, a lot, actually which is why I’m already working on my new “Top 10 Things I Learned From Watching Deadpool” post – coming soon! 🙂  Just like Black Panther, I’ve already watched this movie a few times and will most likely watch it again before completing my top 10 post. So aside from Hello, it’s Deadpool, what’s not to love? I’m saving the rest for that list.


Avengers Infinity War

I dove right into this movie all gung-ho just like I do any other Marvel movie and it was freaking awesome and every time another one of the hero groups appeared, it was like “Whooooo!” and  “Pump the hate brakes, Thanos!” – oh, wait, Deadpool said that. THEN I was left with this utterly jaw-dropped, mind-fracked…WTF just happened? Seriously, what in the hell did I just watch? Avengers, go to the corner! You’re ALL effin’ grounded and I don’t even want to talk to you until after I see the next installment and you better PRAY that it redeems the whole lot of you. That was just…no. Okay, but on a slightly more serious note: It’s a good, action-packed, all-star movie and of course, if you’ve been watching them up until now then you definitely don’t want to miss it or you will be completely lost.


The Girl On The Train

O.M.G. This movie. It was a little slow for my normal taste, but totally worth it! No, I didn’t read the book first, so I had no idea how it was going to turn out. I was right there with the main character the whole time, unsure, unclear, worried, fearful, what happened that night? Who’s crazy, who’s lying, who did what? UGH! Just brilliant, totally genius. If you like a suspenseful ‘Who Dunnit’ with a MC you’re not even sure you want to be rooting for, yet you do anyway, because by the time you start questioning it, you’re already so invested – this is totally your movie. I don’t want to spoil it, so I will say no more – but it also has an all-star cast, peeps and I lurve me some Luke Evans, especially naked Luke Evans! 😛


Red Sparrow

F@#^ Yes! Do it again. I want to see it again, because I didn’t know how this was all going to add up and now it’s too late! Oh, my movie madness friends! This is one of those brilliant, yet unfortunate films, that reveals all at the end – which I LOVE – but watching them a second time never has quite the same impact and I wish I could forget it and do it all over again, I liked it that much! This is kind of what would happen if Oceans 11 had a baby with Bourne Identity, yet completely all its own at the same time. Girl power all the way. Survivor power all the way. Get ready to never know what will happen next, what anything means or who to trust. Just sit back and enjoy the ride and savor it, revel in it, you’ll be so happy that you did – and talk about another all-star cast! My only singular complaint for this film was Jennifer Lawrence’s unconvincing Russian accent, but honestly, it’s not even enough to make me care like at all. I loved this movie, beginning to end.



I liked this, and I would recommend people watch it at least once, because it has a lot of good-time fun, humor, a wide range of emotions, suspense and action in it. I was a little disappointed by the end, I felt it was missing something, a bit anti-climatic for the kind of build-up it had. Almost like the screenwriter lost their momentum and just gave it a lame kind of meh…the end…but all in all it was a great way to spend a couple of hours. I’m a fan of both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt (support your locals!) and seeing Laurence Fishburne again was awesome for a minute. I would’ve destroyed the android bartender on day one, though, that was just too “The Shining” or something – thing gave me the creeps and I kept expecting it to say something like “Resistance is futile” or ask if anyone knew where Sarah Conner was – but that’s just me. Five stars to Michael Sheen just for pulling that skin-crawling “I am not even remotely human” vibe off, wow. I also acquired the valuable foresight to never go swimming in a ship that has the ability to go to zero gravity at any given time. Now where was that stroke of brilliance at the end, writers? Okay, I’m done. Watch it!

With all the problems I’ve had with my hands this year, I’ve had way too much time to watch TV and I did! Here are some shows that I enjoy, anyone else watch them too?

2018 TV series/movie binges on Netflix/Hulu:

The Good Place (starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson)- it’s forking hilarious, benches!
Like Father (Movie, starring Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer)
Skin Wars (Reality challenge show about body painting hosted by Mystique Rebecca Romaijn & starring RuPaul Charles)
Once Upon a Time final season
Gotham Season 3
Supernatural season 13
The Originals final season
The Vampire Diaries final season
Arrow season 6
The Flash seasons 1-3
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1
Legends of Tomorrow seasons 1 & 2

Lucifer season 3

Top 10 Things I Learned From Watching Deadpool



OMG, I’m FREE… for now. Just wrapped up excessive copy editing, so I’m looking forward to getting back to actually writing and Camp NaNo starting on Saturday! To celebrate, I’m going crazy fun with this post – which means, it’s not for kids. In fact, it’s not even for most adults, so here’s that pesky advisory thingy:

Warning: This post is about Deadpool. Take everything you know to be inappropriate and multiply it by the number of pock marks in Wade Wilson’s face.


Top 10 Things I Learned From Watching Deadpool

#10: Unicorns are sexy. Just look at that phallic shaped growth standing fully erect in the center of their foreheads… Wade couldn’t keep his eyes off it. Wonder if he was thinking about Spidey…? Awwww, the one-sided bromance lives on.



#9: Despite being trapped for an entire fight sequence in the same machine that rendered Wade Wilson “unf**kable” in a matter of seconds, Vanessa never even gets so much as a zit. Apparently, it only works on men’s skin. Maybe they should moisturize more often?



#8: Masks that convey facial expressions should be the new industry standard.


#7: Giant superheroes comprised of indestructible metal with a voice like the Terminator, can, indeed, have their man cards revoked.



#6: Rigor Mortis is instantaneous when handcuffs are involved.



#5: You can actually pay for a cab ride with high-five’s, multiple times, as long as you first give the driver the worst relationship advice possible that ends in an accidental fatality. Otherwise, they bill you later.


#4: Negasonic Teenage Warhead is the absolute number one, record-breaking, top of the charts superhero name EVER invented and the person responsible should be promoted to the top of the Fantastic 4 franchise, because they’re now the only one’s who have the cool-power to possibly redeem what little respectable face Fox studios managed to leave our poor superheros after defiling them with their…Foxfuckidness.


#3: Best friends can be royal dicks.


#2: Knowing how to spell is crucial to every punchline.


#1: “O, Canada!” can be conveniently turned into a swear word when one is in pain, and would simultaneously offend an entire nation, if it hadn’t in fact been issued by a Canadian actor portraying a Canadian character. Nice save, Ryan!


Ooh, speaking of America vs. Canada – Given all we know about our own stereotypes – you know, how Canadians are super nice and Americans are like that one kid you never want your kids to play with… Why is it that we have someone like Captain America and they get Deadpool? Is this the mysterious balance in the Force Yoda’s always going on about?


Whew! That was a lot of pent up inappropriateness… guess it’s time to write another Hell on Earth novella! 😀

Not-so-little fineprint: I took these pictures off the internet without any intention of infringing upon anyone’s copyrights, so if you’d like me to take them down just ask and I will do so immediately. Thanks!


Behind the Scenes


I do not own any rights to this image or the works it is related to.

In less than a month, I’ll be celebrating the launch of Avarice Unforgiving. This second installment in the Hell on Earth Series will pick up exactly where Avarice left off and delve deeper into the tangled predicaments my MC, Kami has found herself in…or gotten herself into!

I thought it would be kind of fun to do a little ‘Behind the Scenes’ segment to either whet your appetites or perhaps answer a curiosity. I can’t do excerpts without spoiling everything, so this is my enticement. 😉

If you’re like me, whenever I come across an ‘unknown’ or something intriguing in a book, I always Google it. Maybe, you’re not like that and you’re too busy reading to Google anything – That’s always good, too! But perhaps you’ve read Avarice and you’re wondering what the heck inspired me to use this Bull headed suit guy? (Even if you’re not, just go with it…)

Personally, I’m not a big fan of books that over-reference one thing in particular, especially if that one thing is the current ‘trend’ in literary fiction [not naming any books here], but I’ve run across many authors who have referenced something they like/love/enjoy so frequently in their book that it’s just a turn off – for me – as a reader.

I do, however, love those obscure references. Something you wouldn’t hear about in everyday media or conversation. I like learning about interesting things thanks to a brief mention in a book I’m already enjoying as it is – and then the reference feels like bonus material.

Those who’ve read Avarice and will continue with the series knows that Kami’s Bull man plays a significant role in the storyline, but I only referenced the origin of his ‘costume’ once. It’s from a real movie; a faux documentary about conspiracy theories, aptly titled The Conspiracy as shown above. And yes, I have seen it.

Did I reference it, because I liked it so much? Eh…no. I referenced it, because it’s obscure, unique, not found in every other book you pick up to read. I liked the mystery it invoked, and the underlining hint at the paranormal. Mainly, it really is the most fitting costume for this particular character, which you might come to agree with as more mysteries are unraveled in Unforgiving.

Does that mean I wouldn’t recommend the movie? Of course, I would. Watch it. If you’re into that kind of thing you’ll probably find it entertaining and they did a great job with the ending. No spoilers! Going into it knowing that it wasn’t a real documentary took a little edge off the suspense, but I guess after the drama surrounding the original Blair Witch Project they didn’t want to take any chances. And let’s not forget what happened when Orson Welles read War of Worlds on a radio broadcast without warning in 1938! Eek, no repeats please. Much safer to say “This is not real” first.

So, there’s a little behind the scenes taste at some of my inspiration. I made you learn something under the guise of entertainment. Ha-ha. 🙂  I know, that’s a total mom move.

If you haven’t read Avarice yet, you can get it for FREE on Amazon this weekend November 25th-29th!


A Fear of Reading?

Have you ever stopped reading a book, because you were afraid of what was going to happen next?

I can’t recall if I’ve ever experienced this situation before. I started reading this book (won’t name names. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else) awhile ago and can’t seem to bring myself to pick it back up again. The crux: It’s not only my favorite genre [erotic romance. Surprise!] It’s by one of my all-time favorite authors!

The dilemma I’m having is that I fear the protagonist is on a downward spiral into ultimate ruin. A total train-wreck of self-destruction that I simply can’t bear to witness. Have you ever been too empathetic to watch one of your beloved characters crumble?  Do you feel embarrassed for them when they embarrass themselves?  (I do that mostly with movie characters, ha-ha!)

In truth, there’s a lingering mystery surrounding the main character’s misadventure that’s alluring and will probably tempt me back into the book, but it seems I’m using whatever excuse I can to put it further and further off into the future. I have this problem with not being able to not finish a book once I’ve started it – even if it’s a really bad book (again, I won’t name names).

That isn’t the case in this situation, of course. The writing, as always with this particular author, is phenomenal, the characters are intriguing, the scenery perfectly detailed, etc, etc, etc. I know, “just pull up your big girl panties and read the book, already!” I’m getting there. Eventually.

Until then, what books are you enjoying over the Holidays?  Any recommendations?

Nate? Lara? A Little Help Here…

All right, time for a little gaming quiz to break up the monotony!  The title indicates which games we’re focusing on this week, next week it will be entirely different (depending on how successful this post is).  I’d say don’t cheat and Google/Bing the answers, but I’m talking to gamers.  The inventors of game cheats & walk throughs, so, carry on…

Now for our quiz…

1. Who does the voice for Elena Fisher in the Uncharted Series?

a) Rosalind Ayres
b) Emily Rose
c) Claudia Black
d) None of the above

2. In which Tomb Raider game does Lara Croft discover the secret location to Pandora’s Box?

a) Tomb Raider: Anniversary
b) Tomb Raider: Legends
c) Tomb Raider III
d) None of the above

3. The answer to #1 is an actress on a TV series that also partners her with a romantic interest named Nathan… She is ______ on ______.

a) Audrey Parker on Haven
b) Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill
c) Sophie Devereaux on Leverage
d) None of the above

4. In search of the Scion of Atlantis, Lara Croft finds herself (among other places) under St. Francis’ Folly, where each difficult to reach puzzle room is dedicated to which four Gods?

a) Zeus, Neptune, Damocles, Thor
b) Apollo, Thor, Damocles, Poseidon
c) Hephaestus, Atlas, Neptune, Damocles
d) None of the above

5. In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Nate is rescued and brought to a Tibetan village to recover from his injuries.  There he meets a guy named Schafer who’d once gone on the same expedition as Nate with members of this notorious group:

a) MI6
b) Illuminati
c) SS
d) None of the above

6.  Lara Croft is known for globe trotting and has been to just about every location on Earth, but has never spent any game time here:

a) Ghana
b) Australia
c) Italy
d) None of the above

7. In Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, what makes Nate go crazy with hallucinations?

a) A relic
b) A poisoned dart
c) Water
d) None of the above

8. In Tomb Raider III, the RX Tech researchers are using the journal from a dead sailor for clues to find the ancient meteorite artifacts.  What famous explorer had the sailor been linked to?

a) Charles Darwin
b) Francis Drake
c) James Cook
d) None of the above

9. Sully is always with Nathan Drake and is well known for being his long standing mentor and friend, but in what country did they first meet when Drake was merely 15 years old?

a) El Salvador
b) Cuba
c) Bolivia
d) None of the above

10. Speaking of long standing mentors and friends, Lara Croft has her own personal selection, but they differ between games and movies.  Find the right combination for both:

a) Wilson, Alex, Kosa vs. Hillary, Zip, Alister
b) Alister, Winston, Zip vs. Hillary, Bryce, Alex
c) Zip, Alister, Winston vs. Hillary, Bryce, Kosa
d) None of the above

Good Luck, and I will post the Answers next Sunday with a whole new quiz!  🙂

The Age of Social Media

The Daily is asking: 500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?



Are you just trying to be nosy?  Okay, well, I don’t mind… after all, this is the Age of Social Media.  Nothing is sacred anymore, because everyone has become addicted to sharing every aspect of their daily lives via Social Networking from the big celebrations all of the way down to the “OMG, I really didn’t need to know that, and now I do, and now I hate you because you made me know that.”

Seriously, do you have to tweet every time your newborn has a bowel movement?  Because, I have 2 kids and trust me, what use to happen in their diapers was not that interesting!   I mean, you know it’s a sad state of affairs when the NSA can admit to spying on their own people all along – proving thousands of conspiracy theorists not crazy – and no one really balks at it.  They’re still monitoring our phone calls, our email and watching us through the web cams imbedded in our laptops, but no one cares, because they’re already living completely open lives via FACEBOOK.   😐

So, if there is an archaeologist in 500 years that doesn’t already know EVERYTHING there is to know about how we lived in the 21st century, hand them a dunce cap and then direct them to the excavation site of my house.  Here, they will see that single mom’s with teenage boys owned a LOT of entertainment equipment.  Like multifunctional stereos; not 1, not 2, but 3 television sets!  XBox 360’s and PS3’s, Wii’s, Kindle Fires, iPods, laptops and all of the games and apps that go along with them.  They’ll also see that this girl loved to read, as 90% of my possessions are books on all kinds of topics, from every kind of genre.  I even have a tiny, pocket size Works of John Ruskin from 1911 that’s seen better days, but I love its tattered character.

Aside from the sports equipment, gaming systems, vast library and collection of movies, the archaeologist will also find that I love pictures of my family and have walls dedicated to my favorite candid shots, shelves of albums for all the rest.  She’ll also discover that we 21st centuriests are pack-rats.  We keep far too many things, like 10 year old documents we should toss in the shredder, receipts from 3 Christmas’s ago (just in case), those broken things that we might be able to fix one day if we could just find the right superglue, screwdriver or metal hinge.  We also enjoy surrounding ourselves with ‘dust collectors’ (aka nicknacks), movie stubs, guitar picks… what?  Okay, that’s just me, then.

Well, I’d love to say that if I forgot anything you can always find out the rest on Twitter, but I don’t tweet… I’m being stubborn about it.  I’d kind of like to keep some of my privacy intact and don’t feel that my life is interesting enough to constantly update my status about it!  I guess that means you’re stuck reading long, drawn-out blog posts like this one… sorry.

Not really. 😉