Never Again by Breaking Benjamin Carry me under, meet me abandoned Show me what’s left, show me what’s left Beautiful anger, breaking the pattern Show me what’s left, show me what’s left Take the color from your eyes I bleed for you, I bleed for you Bring the broken back to life We’ll make itContinue reading “#MusicMonday”

Inspiration of Song

So, yesterday was Tuesday and I didn’t get a Triple Lyrics post up here.  Mostly, because I was writing and it was going really well.  Also, because I haven’t been exploring a lot of new music lately, as much as I’ve been listening to old stuff that I’ve already shared with everyone.  I will haveContinue reading “Inspiration of Song”

…and All That Jazz.

It is all about the music, truly.  Could you imagine life without it?  Music is one of the most essential elements worldwide; triggering old memories, creating new ones, it’s the crucial backdrop for major events, ceremonies, rites and traditions.  It fills the silent crevices in blockbuster hits and 99.98% of commercial ads.  It’s piped throughContinue reading “…and All That Jazz.”