#SongLyricSunday ♫ “Last Man Standing” – Graffiti Ghosts


Almost missed this again for 2 weekends in a row, but remembered at the last minute. I’d feel worse about it, if it wasn’t because I’ve been plugging away in my writing cave getting the final few chapters done for my next book! I’m really having a blast with these characters, too – and since they belong to my Hell on Earth series, it just ties in really nicely with my song choice for today’s prompt – or maybe that’s why I thought of it. 😉 Make sure to click on the theme link below to check out Helen’s blog, This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time, and all the other song picks for today!

This week’s theme is: Last

For my pick, I’ve chosen a song off the Lucifer soundtrack, because like the show, it’s bad ass. Still waiting for Netflix to release Season 4 and am super happy they picked it up after it was cancelled by the network (man, are you guys dumb) – now a Netflix Original, I can’t wait to see which direction the show takes without all the restrictions it had before. 😀

Couldn’t find a video for this one, but I don’t think fans of the graphic novel: Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter by Daniel LuVisi will mind the static shot.

Your trigger finger better think about your future
You’re getting twisted thinking I don’t want to shoot ya
I’ve been waiting for a long time
and I’m coming back to get what’s mine

Sick of living with your little double faces
I’m getting itchy and so livid I can taste it
I’ve been waiting for a long time
and I’m swinging til I get what’s mine
but I’m not going down
I’m not going down

I’ll be the last man standing
The last man standing
You know I never bend I never break
I’m the heavyweight with all the answers

I’m the last man standing
I’m the last man standing
I drew a line into the sand cuz I only plan to be the last man
the last man standing

You’re hesitating wasting days I didn’t give you
And it’s too late to pray or say you didn’t think through
We’re toe to toe you better make a move
Cuz I’m standing right in front of you
but I’m not going down
I’m not going down

I’ll be the last man standing
The last man standing
You know I never bend I never break
I’m the heavyweight with all the answers

I’m the last man standing
I’m the last man standing
I drew line into the sand cuz I only plan to be the last man
the last man standing

I’ll be the last man standing
The last man standing
You know I never bend I never break
I’m the heavyweight with all the answers

I’m the last man standing
I’m the last man standing
I drew line into the sand cuz I only plan to be the last man
the last man standing


Songwriters: Written By Lawrence Katz/C. Todd Nielsen
Published By Mixed Metaphor Music
Lyrics found: Courtesy Of Position Music

I do not own any rights to this song, lyrics or video. All rights remain with the artists and their respective agents. No copyright infringement intended.



I haven’t done a post about movies in awhile, and that’s probably because I’m so far behind on them, my reviews are way older than yesterday’s news. But, I have watched a few lately that were actually released within the last five years. 😀 While I try not have spoilers, some of these might have very small infractions to that, but nothing that would ruin the movie, promise. Curtains, please!


Black Panther

Wakanda Forever! I know, I’m soooooo slow at catching up on movies, and this was one that I wanted to see soooooo freaking bad! And I finally did, like 3 times in a row! LOL I watched it by myself, then grabbed my youngest and was like “Watch this!” and then grabbed my oldest and was like “Watch this!” and it was just as awesome the third time as it was the first. Wow, I was blown away by the total change up of antagonists, and the back story to that was just…man, it’s so hard when you actually feel for the bad guy. I loved the way this movie’s plot played out and seeing actors I knew from some of my favorite shows like Sterling Brown, who had a recurring role on Supernatural for awhile and then seeing Angela Bassett play Queen Ramonda was totally badass, that role was so hers. This movie had everything you could ever want in ANY movie, but especially a superhero movie! “I never freeze.” LOL I could go on and on, but everyone’s probably already seen it a million times, so I better stop now. This is just making me want to go watch it again.


Deadpool 2

What can I say about our second assault from the Merc With A Mouth? Well, a lot, actually which is why I’m already working on my new “Top 10 Things I Learned From Watching Deadpool” post – coming soon! 🙂  Just like Black Panther, I’ve already watched this movie a few times and will most likely watch it again before completing my top 10 post. So aside from Hello, it’s Deadpool, what’s not to love? I’m saving the rest for that list.


Avengers Infinity War

I dove right into this movie all gung-ho just like I do any other Marvel movie and it was freaking awesome and every time another one of the hero groups appeared, it was like “Whooooo!” and  “Pump the hate brakes, Thanos!” – oh, wait, Deadpool said that. THEN I was left with this utterly jaw-dropped, mind-fracked…WTF just happened? Seriously, what in the hell did I just watch? Avengers, go to the corner! You’re ALL effin’ grounded and I don’t even want to talk to you until after I see the next installment and you better PRAY that it redeems the whole lot of you. That was just…no. Okay, but on a slightly more serious note: It’s a good, action-packed, all-star movie and of course, if you’ve been watching them up until now then you definitely don’t want to miss it or you will be completely lost.


The Girl On The Train

O.M.G. This movie. It was a little slow for my normal taste, but totally worth it! No, I didn’t read the book first, so I had no idea how it was going to turn out. I was right there with the main character the whole time, unsure, unclear, worried, fearful, what happened that night? Who’s crazy, who’s lying, who did what? UGH! Just brilliant, totally genius. If you like a suspenseful ‘Who Dunnit’ with a MC you’re not even sure you want to be rooting for, yet you do anyway, because by the time you start questioning it, you’re already so invested – this is totally your movie. I don’t want to spoil it, so I will say no more – but it also has an all-star cast, peeps and I lurve me some Luke Evans, especially naked Luke Evans! 😛


Red Sparrow

F@#^ Yes! Do it again. I want to see it again, because I didn’t know how this was all going to add up and now it’s too late! Oh, my movie madness friends! This is one of those brilliant, yet unfortunate films, that reveals all at the end – which I LOVE – but watching them a second time never has quite the same impact and I wish I could forget it and do it all over again, I liked it that much! This is kind of what would happen if Oceans 11 had a baby with Bourne Identity, yet completely all its own at the same time. Girl power all the way. Survivor power all the way. Get ready to never know what will happen next, what anything means or who to trust. Just sit back and enjoy the ride and savor it, revel in it, you’ll be so happy that you did – and talk about another all-star cast! My only singular complaint for this film was Jennifer Lawrence’s unconvincing Russian accent, but honestly, it’s not even enough to make me care like at all. I loved this movie, beginning to end.



I liked this, and I would recommend people watch it at least once, because it has a lot of good-time fun, humor, a wide range of emotions, suspense and action in it. I was a little disappointed by the end, I felt it was missing something, a bit anti-climatic for the kind of build-up it had. Almost like the screenwriter lost their momentum and just gave it a lame kind of meh…the end…but all in all it was a great way to spend a couple of hours. I’m a fan of both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt (support your locals!) and seeing Laurence Fishburne again was awesome for a minute. I would’ve destroyed the android bartender on day one, though, that was just too “The Shining” or something – thing gave me the creeps and I kept expecting it to say something like “Resistance is futile” or ask if anyone knew where Sarah Conner was – but that’s just me. Five stars to Michael Sheen just for pulling that skin-crawling “I am not even remotely human” vibe off, wow. I also acquired the valuable foresight to never go swimming in a ship that has the ability to go to zero gravity at any given time. Now where was that stroke of brilliance at the end, writers? Okay, I’m done. Watch it!

With all the problems I’ve had with my hands this year, I’ve had way too much time to watch TV and I did! Here are some shows that I enjoy, anyone else watch them too?

2018 TV series/movie binges on Netflix/Hulu:

The Good Place (starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson)- it’s forking hilarious, benches!
Like Father (Movie, starring Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer)
Skin Wars (Reality challenge show about body painting hosted by Mystique Rebecca Romaijn & starring RuPaul Charles)
Once Upon a Time final season
Gotham Season 3
Supernatural season 13
The Originals final season
The Vampire Diaries final season
Arrow season 6
The Flash seasons 1-3
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1
Legends of Tomorrow seasons 1 & 2

Lucifer season 3

Penny Dreadful


In Victorian London, the term “penny dreadful” was used as derogatory slang for all the horror stories that were published as weekly serials and cost…yep, 1 penny. People love the Victorian era, we even have an entire Steampunk culture dedicated to it. But romanticism aside, coal pollution, consumption and corsets weren’t the only things suffocating the masses during those times. Excessive personality oppression was the norm; emotionally, behaviorally and especially sexually, and the people needed some kind of outlet for all the things they weren’t allowed to mention in proper society – lest they wanted a lobotomy for being “hysterical.”

Disease and poverty grew as rapidly as the new inventions or scientific and medical ‘breakthroughs’ which gave the creative types more than ample fodder for their caged imaginations. And the literary world benefited greatly from it! Dracula, Frankenstein, Jekyll & Hyde…all of our favorite horror classics (which tend to have strong, sensual undertones) were penned during the Victorian era and Penny Dreadful covers almost all of them.

Not the serials – the TV Show I just totally binge watched on Netflix and now have a massive hangover from! Have you seen it? Well, I don’t usually rush out to encourage others to watch TV shows, especially one with only 3 seasons, but DO IT! Do it now!!! It wasn’t “cancelled” as many shows are. It doesn’t leave you hanging, it’s a story and therefore has an end, but each episode is an hour long, so it covers quite a bit.


Characters L-R: The Creature (Frankenstein’s Monster), Ethan Chandler, Brona (aka Lily Frankenstein), Vanessa Ives, Sir Malcolm Murray, Sembene. Back: Victor Frankenstein and Dorian Gray.

For those who’ve never seen it or heard of it, Penny Dreadful is what would happen if The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen had wild, fetishist sex with Sherlock Holmes and The Exorcist, then gave birth to the slightly less evil twin of Game of Thrones. If you love everything paranormal, classic horror literature or Victorian, you can’t miss out on this little gem, even if it’s short and often disturbing (or because it’s disturbing! LOL) fans of this twisted genre will undoubtedly love it.

If you do decide to watch it, just keep in mind that it’s called Penny Dreadful for a reason – actually, for every possible reason you could think of. This show is extremely graphic and covers a lot of taboo topics and practices. It’s not a romance…or is it? Just like those classic horror stories, that will be up to the individual to decide in the end.


And can I rave about the cast? Joshua “Delicious” Hartnett (Nuff said), Eva Green (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children), Timothy Dalton, Billie Piper (Rose from Doctor Who!), Patti LuPone, Wes Studi (Dances with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans) and a whole list of other actors and actresses that I’m less familiar with, but were no less brilliant!

Now, to whet your appetite…

This was the official trailer for the premier of Penny Dreadful. It is 100% graphic and not for sensitive eyes! Watch at your own risk:

I do not own any rights to this video or its content. All rights remain with the producers, studios, actors, networks and their respective agents. No copyright infringement intended.

Does anyone have any similar shows they would recommend, I’m currently devoid of binge-worthy options! O_o

The Elusive Pokemon


Yep, that looks like my goofy boys. image source: keyword-suggestions.com

Ever since I packed the kiddos up and moved to this lovely area we’ve called home for the past 3 years, they’ve made a lot of friends around the neighborhood. Friends that started out as guests and have quickly become family. They camp out in my living room, play my video games, watch my Netflix, share their jokes and rapping skills (some are really good!) – in short, it’s always fun times around here. I feel blessed to be considered the ‘cool’ mom to this large assortment of kids, mostly boys and a couple girls, ranging in age from 13-18. They even sometimes cook, sometimes clean, wash their own laundry – with a little push from the stern side of cool mom 😉

Hey, this is an equal opportunity household!

There are 2 very important things I’ve learned as the mom to a neighborhood of teenagers. 1: Always have food and drinks on hand. 2: Keep a can of Febreeze in every room. Especially if your kids are athletes!

Knowing I was going to have a couple extra kids over, I begrudgingly went grocery shopping, so no one would go hungry. Now, I am admittedly a carb-junkie. You can have your ice cream, candy bars and donuts. Stay the hell away from my coffee and potato chips! As it turned out, my 2 extras turned into 4 + the 2 I gave birth to, and I learned something very interesting this past week: How much food 6 teenage boys can eat in less than 48 hours.

The answer is: ALL OF IT. (aka what a family of 3 could live on for a week).

To include all of my cheddar cheese Ruffles. 😐

“Who ate all my chips?!”

“Not me!” x 6.

I guess it was that elusive pokémon no one’s caught yet. That little shit also dirties all of the towels and dishes, drinks out of the milk carton, never replaces the empty toilet paper rolls or seals the cereal bag and leaves dirty socks all over the living room. I’m going to call him Teenboyachu.

#LOVEMYKIDS! #HateGroceryShopping! #GetYourOwnBag!

Obsolescence Overload


I’m the product of the 70’s, who grew up in the 80’s and spent most of the 90’s with my nose in a book.  I saw the rise and fall of so many technologies, I probably couldn’t even name them all in one post – but do I really miss any of them?

I spent my childhood playing outside, riding bikes, watching the boys dressed like Michael Jackson break-dancing on street corners with giant boomboxes on their shoulders.  At home, my mom taped a penny to the needle of our turntable so the vinyl records we loved so much wouldn’t skip, as we danced around the house.  My dad took me to work, where I’d play on microfiche readers and run around labeling everything with an old dial-and-trigger label maker.  At one point in time, I owned a Crimper, just like every other girl in the world.  I made mixed tapes from the radio and gave them to my friends or crushes.

Modern technology allowed the advancement of television, the number of channels one could get steadily increasing, the portability of the sets (now with remotes!) an amazing feat.  I remember the birth of MTV, the Cordless Phone, the Nintendo and watching the end of the Cold War begin, the Iron Curtain fall from thousands of miles away, as everyday citizens tore down a graffiti plastered wall in Berlin, East and West reunited and families long torn embraced amongst the rubble.  New Geography text books introduced students to a country named Russia where the USSR used to be.

I complained about not being able to record on CDs, while simultaneously reveling in the fact that I no longer had to rewind or fast-forward to get to my favorite song.  It was like having a turntable all over again!  There was no internet, so I checked books out of the library.  I wrote stories on a Brother Word Processor where I had to switch reels in order to change the font to bold or italics.  Everything was saved on floppy discs, which only held 4 megabytes of information a piece, but this was a definite step up from the typewriter.  Pictures were taken on 110’s and turned in to be developed after you saved up enough money; more time waiting to see the finger in front of the lens, the flash whitewashing the faces, memories improperly captured or lost to overexposure.  Don’t even get me started on Polaroids.

I straddle a strange line.  I prefer modern tech over less efficient, more costly machines.  I like that I can just plug my digital camera or phone into my computer and print.  That I can preview my pictures, no longer losing moments with finger blurs and dark blotches.  I prefer my MP3 player over a walkman, my laptop over a desktop.  DVDs replaced VHS, but now DVRs have replaced them all and I can watch BlueRays on my PS3 or insta-stream Netflix.  My mom used to make cassette tapes of me talking to send to my grandmother and now we have Skype and Face Time.

I’m the author of an e-book for an e-publisher, own a Kindle, have downloaded my fair share of literature and fully support the growth of both the e-book industry and the Indie Authors, but I’m still the proud owner of a library card and read the classics in print.  I still shop at my local Paperback Exchange store in town, because I would hate to see the death of the Printing Press.  I take advantage of the instant gratifications that modern technology has provided us, but I also miss the simpler times when a needle scratched a vinyl record and music was given depth with white noise.  I miss neighborhoods where children played outside without cell-phones and iPods, when their parents weren’t ruled by Facebook statuses and Tweets, so they actually sat on their front porches and watched, visited, fed a community.

I don’t miss any obsolete technology, only the times when they existed.  Modern tech is a tribute to our creative ingenuity, I just wish it didn’t cost us human interaction to achieve it.  I think Ray Bradbury saw a very possible, bleak future with Fahrenheit 451 and the people of today should read it as a warning, not a work of fiction.  As I type this on my laptop, using Wifi and pingbacks, a wireless mouse, a cell-phone attached to my ear, I guess that makes me somewhat of a hypocrite, but if I must be one, at least allow me to keep the blinders off in the process for a little while longer.  Let me reminisce and harbor the essence of nostalgia, while I make my kids put the video games down and go play outside…