Sharing the Vitamin D

Once again, this is the most difficult part of these Awards.  Choosing 10 blogs that have inspired me in some positive, creative or mind-blowing way can be difficult, but at least there’s no follower count limit this time around.  Out of respect for those who have, understandably, chosen to have “award free” blogs, I won’tContinue reading “Sharing the Vitamin D”

Paying It Forward

The time has come for the Grand Finale of my first Liebster Award participation.  But, I have a problem with one of the rules.  I have several blogs that I would like to nominate, because I thoroughly enjoy them and I believe others would also, yet they might have more than 200 followers.  Many don’tContinue reading “Paying It Forward”

Loving the Liebster

I have just received notice that the wonderful Alienora ( has nominated my blog for the Liebster Award.  Something about my writing managed to snag her attention awhile back and she has been a source of regular encouragement and inspiration ever since.  Some may have even caught my post thanking Alienora for her previous, generousContinue reading “Loving the Liebster”