#WeeklyWritables Challenge

Good morning, writers, readers, bloggers & all around mischief makers! One of my biggest goals for 2019 is to get back into the habit of blogging more regularly, but after being on WP since 2013, finding fresh and original content can be quite difficult. I used to participate in the Daily Prompt hosted by WP,Continue reading “#WeeklyWritables Challenge”

Important Changes

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve had to put a small delay on the tours for my upcoming novella, Avarice. Apparently, I got a little overzealous and tried to bite off more than I can chew – hopefully that’s a common side affect of being a first time Indie and not justContinue reading “Important Changes”

Feeling Jazzy Redux

He Was He was rickety jazz Blue smoke haze Disjointed hips Bohemian brimmed Fedora Finger slide phantasm The bilateral conjecture Dissipates My memory knew him Passion burnt night Paradoxical lingo Bracketed bourbon smile Sultry spotlight specter The billowing curtain Lingers… …He was rickety jazz ~A.C.M. ♥ Have a great weekend all!

Winters Deep

(an Ode to Yule) Dry the berries and pop the corn There’s boughs of Pine hung to adorn In darkening days and snow felled form Melted candles and hearths doth warm The harvest is stored and meat be cured Our long laboring days have granted award Of Holiday so loving and blessedly shared We forgiveContinue reading “Winters Deep”

New Year Makeover!

Hi! Welcome to the new blog, what do you think? January is right around the corner and I thought “What a good time to totally jazz up the old blog!” I’m really liking it, myself. Been here since October of 2013 with the same theme, which I still have, but never really poked around tooContinue reading “New Year Makeover!”

The Downside of Blogging

Recently, I’ve been looking around at magazines to possibly submit my poems and/or chapter series.  Only, I’m learning that I can’t.  Admittedly, I’ve kept myself in the dark, by not researching enough when it comes to the ever-changing rules of publishing – And I guess I failed to recognize that anything I post on myContinue reading “The Downside of Blogging”