Dear Indie ♥ Have You Tried This?

Hi Indies! I’ve been experimenting lately, trying a different approach with one of my latest WIPs. The hope is that I’m honing a certain area I know I need to work on. I worry that I’ve gotten too comfortable with the way I write and it’s become too easy to stay exactly the same, whichContinue reading “Dear Indie ♥ Have You Tried This?”

Enter the Prey…

MILD ADULT CONTENT/LANGUAGE WARNING Excerpts subject to change, without notice, at the crazy author’s discretion: “What do you want?” Sahara shot stupidly, a knee-jerk reaction uttered in self-defense. Grinning, he took his time looking back up at her from under thick lashes.  “Is there a limit?” He countered, his rich voice sending naughty shivers downContinue reading “Enter the Prey…”