#CoverReveal ♥ Hexed (Hell on Earth, Bk 4)

How about a surprise cover reveal? That’s code for: nothing I wanted for the launch of this book has gone according to plan, on top of being super delayed, I now already have the cover up on both Amazon and Goodreads, so…surprise! LOL Eh, we do what we can, right? The artists over at DerangedContinue reading “#CoverReveal ♥ Hexed (Hell on Earth, Bk 4)”

Chapter Reveal ☆ Hers, Untamed by Anna Adler!

Title: Hers, Untamed Author: Anna Adler Release Date: May 31st ☆ Chapter 1 ☆ “Please take a seat, Ms. Cressfield. Your guide will be with you shortly.” Alyssa plopped into the armchair and accepted the courtesy cup of organically farmed coffee, which on this planet cost more than a month’s salary. Happy birthday to me!Continue reading “Chapter Reveal ☆ Hers, Untamed by Anna Adler!”

Life and Other Upcoming Events

Do you ever feel like your entire life gets put on hold while you’re cramming away in your writing cave, trying to meet deadlines? Bwahaha–just kidding–we LOVE being in our writing caves! But, I am looking forward to having more free time so I can get back to blogging and socializing with all my blogosphereContinue reading “Life and Other Upcoming Events”