$20 Gift Card Giveaway & Cover Reveal “The Fate of Her Dragon” by: Julia Mills!!

♥ The Fate of Her Dragon ♥ (Dragon Guards #9) by Julia Mills Coming August 11th, 2015 ♥ Excerpt ♥ Alicia crept through the forest, careful not to run into any of her sisters, her mother, one of the other witches, and most definitely a Dragon Guardsmen. It wouldn’t do to try to explain whyContinue reading “$20 Gift Card Giveaway & Cover Reveal “The Fate of Her Dragon” by: Julia Mills!!”


Happy Tuesday all!  Just another tour update here: Today I will be cyber-hopping between  Behind Closed Doors, blog spot of Laurie Jenkins with another exclusive interview – and – the WordPress blog of romance author, Jacey Holbrand with a guest post, written by yours truly. Both sites offer a ton of reviews, giveaways and newContinue reading “Cyber-Hopping”

We Don’t Wanna Talk About It

Yeah… that sports thing that happened on Sunday.  We’re not speaking of it, but we still love our team! That’s the way it should be.  We don’t, however, have to love that blasted Chevy commercial that gave us all heart failure for like 3 seconds!  Not okay, Chevy! Not okay! Now, for some happier, farContinue reading “We Don’t Wanna Talk About It”

Tour Update

Hello WordPress! We’re at again, a new week and another new chance to join in the fun! Starting this morning, The Zen Lounge and I will be visiting with Lauren Seiberling at Romance Novel Giveaways!  And that means more exclusive insights into the book and the opportunity to submit your entries to the rafflecopter! Also,Continue reading “Tour Update”