Hearthstone Alpha Cover Reveal!

Title: Hearthstone Alpha ( The Úlfrinn Series, #1) Author: A.C. Melody Publisher: Red Sage Publishing Pages: approx. 300 (Full length Novel) Genre: Contemporary Paranormal Romance (Wolf Shifters) Release Date: June 1, 2017 All Reyna Daniels wants is to secure her return home to Minneapolis to be with her family. The last thing she needs isContinue reading “Hearthstone Alpha Cover Reveal!”

Series Updates & Introductions

So, after a great comment on my last Dear Indie post (you know who you are, lady), I got a bit of a guilty conscience on whether or not I’ve shared current updates on my series with everyone. If this is redundant for my newsletter subscribers, I apologize – just want to make sure everyone’sContinue reading “Series Updates & Introductions”

My First On The 1st!!! TZL Book Release & More…

It’s official!  Today is the release day for The Zen Lounge!!  Thank you to everyone who has put up bared with me during my first book publication – what an experience!  And to all of the amazing staff over at Red Sage Publishing who made this day a reality! To my best friend, Kelly: ThankContinue reading “My First On The 1st!!! TZL Book Release & More…”

The Zen Lounge: First Book Review!

I just received my first book review ever and it’s actually not half bad! 😀 The Zen Lounge A.C. Melody 3 stars   The Zen Lounge takes place in a well- established futuristic society that’s a cross between Blade Runner and a bordello. It’s so well formed that I found myself wondering if there wasContinue reading “The Zen Lounge: First Book Review!”

Social Media Tag!

Okay, what writer wouldn’t want another opportunity to talk about their book(s)???  This idea was created by the author of Ravings Of A Dead Poet and I’d like to thank Sabrina over at Books and Bark for tagging me.  I feel very honored to be included in the beginning of this fun new way to shareContinue reading “Social Media Tag!”