Saturday Sass

Yep. It’s officially the first day of Summer Break.  The funniest thing is that I used to prefer my kids being on summer vacation.  I used to look forward to not worrying about: Getting up and driving them to and from school, open house, homework, parent/teacher conferences, musicals, science fairs, math relays, field days, fieldContinue reading “Saturday Sass”

Saturday Sass No. 3

Voryk turned to see Nexlana studying the richly felted billiard table. “It’s called pool,” he answered, crossing to her. “Would you like to try?” Smiling up at him, Nex nodded. […] “You don’t want to learn this game from him,” […] “Oh, good, you rack then,” Voryk countered with his own dark smile. Hilo did,Continue reading “Saturday Sass No. 3”

Saturday Sass No.2

Yay! It’s my favorite day again.  During my book tours, I found myself filling out a LOT of questionnaires and even though they all differed, one question kept coming up. Do you need silence when you write, or music? Personally, I need silence.  The quieter the better.  But, since I share living space with 2Continue reading “Saturday Sass No.2”

Saturday Sass

Favorite time of the week… oh, wait, that’s just about always! 😀 I know I’ve mentioned only a few hundred times, that I absolutely love nothing more than a book that can make me LOL for realz.  I try to incorporate that same humor into my own novels, but not everyone shares the same senseContinue reading “Saturday Sass”