Dear Indie | Writing Male Characters Part 1: Why I Love It

Hi Indies! My next stop for covering character development articles is a lot less popular than writing female characters. I think this boils down to two reasons: 1) Not all authors write from the male character’s point of view, and 2) Surprisingly, most female authors are better at writing male POVs than female POVs. GoContinue reading “Dear Indie | Writing Male Characters Part 1: Why I Love It”

Help Unspoken

The woman has had a hard day.  One of those days where Murphy’s Law is in full affect.  Now, after a work day she thought would never end, she just wants to get dinner done so she can sit down and unwind.  Unfortunately, her luck isn’t any better at home.  The pasta’s boiling over, andContinue reading “Help Unspoken”


“There are other reasons to touch, Sida.” “Exactly,” she countered. “And those are the reasons why we’re not. I need to rescue my people, not get off.” Dakaron moaned miserably, as he stepped out of the room. “I would love nothing more than to get you off. You simply need to learn that you canContinue reading “Intercommunication”