Last minute Christmas shopping between 9-10 p.m. rocks – and that’s done!  Now I get to spend all day tomorrow wrapping before the last of our family holiday get-togethers at my Uncle’s house (YAY, an open bar!) 😀 But, I’ve been a bad, baaad blogger.  This is this first time I’ve posted anything in 3Continue reading “Whu-oh”

Oh, the controversy that is Erotica

Classically, erotica could only be pulled off by the best of authors, because it was everything that wasn’t said.  It was the tease of those subtle details.  Sex wasn’t graphically described, it was merely implied in ways that for some, is far more erotic than a smut magazine.  It was the difference between burlesque and stripping. Continue reading “Oh, the controversy that is Erotica”