Dear Indie | Writing Male Characters Part 2: Types

Welcome back, Indies! Today in Part 2 of Writing Male Characters, I’m going to cover the most common character types, talk about the difference between writing human and non-human heroes, and touch on some of the good and bad aspects of writing non-human heroes. COMMON MALE CHARACTER/HERO TYPES IN ROMANCE I think I pretty muchContinue reading “Dear Indie | Writing Male Characters Part 2: Types”

…and All That Jazz.

It is all about the music, truly.  Could you imagine life without it?  Music is one of the most essential elements worldwide; triggering old memories, creating new ones, it’s the crucial backdrop for major events, ceremonies, rites and traditions.  It fills the silent crevices in blockbuster hits and 99.98% of commercial ads.  It’s piped throughContinue reading “…and All That Jazz.”