The Elusive Pokemon

Ever since I packed the kiddos up and moved to this lovely area we’ve called home for the past 3 years, they’ve made a lot of friends around the neighborhood. Friends that started out as guests and have quickly become family. They camp out in my living room, play my video games, watch my Netflix,Continue reading “The Elusive Pokemon”

Saturday Sass

Yep. It’s officially the first day of Summer Break.  The funniest thing is that I used to prefer my kids being on summer vacation.  I used to look forward to not worrying about: Getting up and driving them to and from school, open house, homework, parent/teacher conferences, musicals, science fairs, math relays, field days, fieldContinue reading “Saturday Sass”

Saturday Sass No.2

Yay! It’s my favorite day again.  During my book tours, I found myself filling out a LOT of questionnaires and even though they all differed, one question kept coming up. Do you need silence when you write, or music? Personally, I need silence.  The quieter the better.  But, since I share living space with 2Continue reading “Saturday Sass No.2”

Share Your World – Week 10 – A Club Introvert Special

Since I’m behind, I missed the first Club Introvert Social Gathering, but I hope it’s not too late to contribute.  For the special event, Cee’s wife, Chris from 61 Musings, created Week 10’s questions. Here are my answers: Describe yourself in a word that starts with the first letter of your name. This is tricky. Continue reading “Share Your World – Week 10 – A Club Introvert Special”

Nothing But Sunshine

It’s Monday, and here in my small corner of the world, it’s also a nice, balmy 65-70°!  Of course, the news claims it will be back to our normal torrential rains by tomorrow (Good news for the sparkly vampires, I guess) – so, for now, we are soaking up all of the Vitamin D weContinue reading “Nothing But Sunshine”

Share Your World – Week 9

My discussion on styles wasn’t a big hit last week, nor do I think it’s exactly the time-efficient solution I was looking for.  After getting frustrated with the daily prompts, it dawned on me that I haven’t done one of Cee’s weekly challenges in awhile – what a perfect answer to my Friday needs!  Thanks,Continue reading “Share Your World – Week 9”