Dear Indie | From Hybrid to Fully Independent

Hi Indies! It’s been too long–yes, since I’ve posted–but, also that I’ve been waiting for this day. 😀 Today, I am officially no longer a hybrid author, but fully Independent. Today, all of the rights my publisher ever had for any of my books are completely reverted to me to do with whatever I want!Continue reading “Dear Indie | From Hybrid to Fully Independent”

Meet The Character | The Dark Storm

I was born into money, raised in the upper crust, did my stint in the all boys academy to get a real gentleman’s education. That’s where I met my best friend. Born without money, he was there on a charity scholarship, so of course he was the biggest target on campus. I called him out,Continue reading “Meet The Character | The Dark Storm”

Book Tag: My Life In Books

I found this on Felicia’s page, who found it on Didi’s, but it appears to be an ongoing blog tag, and too fun to pass up. Make sure to visit the other sites to see their answers! Find a book for each of your initials. I’ve chosen these books from my ‘Read’ list on Goodreads.Continue reading “Book Tag: My Life In Books”

Series Updates & Introductions

So, after a great comment on my last Dear Indie post (you know who you are, lady), I got a bit of a guilty conscience on whether or not I’ve shared current updates on my series with everyone. If this is redundant for my newsletter subscribers, I apologize – just want to make sure everyone’sContinue reading “Series Updates & Introductions”

Five Years From Now

I recently came across an active thread on Goodreads from an Indie author who’s freaking out about their earlier works. Perhaps you’ve already seen it? Something about hating their books. That phrase really jars me, but don’t worry, this isn’t a (total) rant. Actually, I’m very grateful for the thread, because when you come acrossContinue reading “Five Years From Now”

Coming Up For Coffee

Yes, more coffee… I don’t need more air, I’m long-winded as it is – or maybe it’s opinionated? Either way, I’m still here, just been heck’a busy in all of the best ways. I started a new job, getting kids ready for school and most importantly have been hibernating in the writing cave in between.Continue reading “Coming Up For Coffee”

Looking Forward

I think that says it all, but don’t panic, I got this. So it’s 2016 and rather than recapping all that didn’t happen last year, I’ve decided to focus solely on what is scheduled, or is at least a possibility of happening over the next 12 months… For starters: BOOKS!!! I know, it’s been overContinue reading “Looking Forward”

2016 Ringing in the New Year Giveaway!

My Family’s Heart has brought together a group of us authors who are ready to celebrate the New 2016 Year by giving away a ton of FREE stuff!  Books, Gift Cards, Swag… make sure you click on the Rafflecopter link bellow for your chance to win!! a Rafflecopter giveaway ♥ OR ♥ Go to MyContinue reading “2016 Ringing in the New Year Giveaway!”

The Zen Lounge Playlist

I’ve never made a playlist for my books before, but I’ve seen a few authors make them and thought it would be fun to try.  Strangely, The Zen Lounge was really hard to pick music for that I feel best represents both the characters and/or plot points.  I wrote the first draft around 8-10 yearsContinue reading “The Zen Lounge Playlist”

Book Trailer for The Zen Lounge!

Well, it only took me all week, several pots of coffee, a lot of frustration and many, many hours of editing – BUT I finally did it!  I made my very first Book Trailer. Check it out:   I used the program Kizoa, because it’s a lot easier to navigate than Windows Live Movie MakerContinue reading “Book Trailer for The Zen Lounge!”