#SongLyricSunday ♫ “Call Me” – Blondie

While beta readers are having a go at Scavenger, I’ve been working on getting ready for April’s Camp NaNo. Is anyone else going to be participating in Camp NaNo this year? I plan to attempt finishing Thief of Dragons, which I started with the November NaNoWriMo 2 years ago already! Time flies when you’re havingContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♫ “Call Me” – Blondie”

#SongLyricSunday ♪ “Inflatable” – Bush

I’m happy to announce that I got the final edits back yesterday for Scavenger (Dark Day Isle #2)! I’m so excited, because to date, this has been one of the longest and worst struggles with a novel for me. The original version, the beta reads, the revisions…I honestly lost faith for awhile that it wouldContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♪ “Inflatable” – Bush”

#SongLyricSunday ♫ “By The Way” – Theory of a Deadman

After being gone for so many weeks from the realm of social media, it feels good to be getting back (slowly, but surely) in the saddle. What better way to “Whattup, bitches!” than with a music challenge? Btw, that sentence is only cool-point effective if you channel Charlie from Supernatural, otherwise it might just beContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♫ “By The Way” – Theory of a Deadman”

#SongLyricSunday ♪ “The Writer” by Ellie Goulding

Are you participating in SLS yet? Well you should! Hop over to This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time to check out this awesome weekly challenge hosted by Helen and join in the fun! This week’s theme is: Pretending I think, if there’s one thing most of us experience at least once inContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♪ “The Writer” by Ellie Goulding”

#SongLyricSunday ♫ “The Sweetest Taboo” by Sade

Happy Sunday! It’s time for SLS again, hosted by Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time. If you’d like to join in the fun or check out all of the other participating blogs to see what their weekly pick is, then follow the link to Helen’s page! This week’s theme is:Continue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♫ “The Sweetest Taboo” by Sade”

#SongLyricSunday ♪ “Supernatural” by Flyleaf

Yay, it’s Sunday! 🙂 Today, we’re going to be tackling the Christmas decorating. To many, that might seem like a late start, but as much as I love the holidays, I don’t like overlapping them and try to keep them in their respective seasons. Thus, this being the first weekend of December, the month belongingContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♪ “Supernatural” by Flyleaf”

#SongLyricSunday ♫ “The Diary of Jane” by Breaking Benjamin

This is quickly becoming my favorite post to look forward to every week! It’s time for #SongLyricSunday again, hosted by Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time. This week’s theme is: Obsession Obsession comes in many forms and degrees. There are tons of songs that could easily be interpreted as beingContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♫ “The Diary of Jane” by Breaking Benjamin”

#SongLyricSunday ♪ “Castle On the Hill” by Ed Sheeran

My second week of the Song Lyric Sunday challenge, hosted by Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time, and though I already posted this song on my #MusicMonday awhile back, I still love it too much to pass up another chance to share it. This week’s themes is: “Growing Old“ MyContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♪ “Castle On the Hill” by Ed Sheeran”

#SongLyricSunday ♫ “Make This Go On Forever” by Snow Patrol

Okay, I’m new to this fun weekly challenge hosted by Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time, but I’ve been trying to follow the posts over on Simply Marquessa and decided it was time to join in! (Honestly not sure why I didn’t before, but here I am now). This week’s themeContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♫ “Make This Go On Forever” by Snow Patrol”