Dear Indie ♥ Quickie

Hi Indies! I know I was supposed to post about Swag this time around, but I need to address something that’s undoubtedly a touchy subject, because I feel it’s extremely important: The dreaded typo. Look, I’m not that Grammar Nazi that attacks every post or article I come across with a typo or two – we’ve allContinue reading “Dear Indie ♥ Quickie”

BFFs 4-Ever & Ever ‘Till The End!

Today’s prompt might seem simple to some… The Daily is asking: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to? …but the answer is “To give your time,” and that’s often easier said than done.  I don’t mean a wrist-to-wrist transfer like in that movie where the hot-as-hell Matt BomerContinue reading “BFFs 4-Ever & Ever ‘Till The End!”

Weaving Worlds

Around the age of 18, I got this idea for a simple story surrounding the Inquisition.  I wanted to focus on the glaring, one-sided witch trials and the utter injustice spurred on by paranoia, jealousy and greed that resulted in the murder of thousands of innocent people over the course of that dark era. Unfortunately,Continue reading “Weaving Worlds”