Happy That V-Word Day! ♥

Yeah, I said it.  It’s the V-word Day.  As a writer of romance, you’d think that I’d be all over this day like pasties on a stripper with some amazingly hot, possibly even sappy excerpt from one of my upcoming novels, or even the one that’s available now – Hey, it’s V-Day (BUY MY BOOK!)Continue reading “Happy That V-Word Day! ♥”

Midnight Melodrama

It’s 13 minutes past the Witching Hour and I feel the pull of something profound trying to claw its way out of me, but my lexicon was never destined to be that extraordinary.  I find joy in simplicity, the way most find passion in vomiting excessively flounced-up adjectives.  I’m too lazy to wade through theContinue reading “Midnight Melodrama”